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by Mwaura
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Leah sways with campus life and realises she has gone too far.
"Leah Leah! are you in there?" It was already past 7p.m the usual supper time at the university. Leah had intended to have an hours nap,she picked up her phone and didn't get how on earth she hadn't heard her loud phone alarm ring.

She slipped out of bed, put on her flip flops and headed to the door. "You were here all this while,"noted Jane. Leah and Jane had been bestfriends from their first year in The Cooperative University of Kenya. The two were inseparable, where Jane was, you were sure to find Leah there too and vice versa. "Yeah, dozed off longer than anticipated," said Jane yawning clearly still sleepy.

The events of the previous night were still fresh in both Leah's and Jane's mind. Their classmate Chris had held a party at a popular club in Rongai and they had both attended as a show of comradeship. Chris, being a son to the Cabinet Secretary of Finance didn't care to spend a few dollars on the party. Drinks were in plenty so was grilled meat, everyone there ate as much as their stomachs could carry. Leah had gotten so drunk that she didn't have the littlest of energy to carry her home. Chris seeing how  Leah was, offered to drive her and Jane home.

By the time Leah and her company got to her apartment she had fallen into a deep slumber, Chris carried her on his hands with the help of Jane into her apartment and on her neatly made bed. Leah woke up the following day at 10 a.m and made herself breakfast. Being a Saturday, she didn't have classes and that meant she could laze off as much as she wanted. She then took a shower after her breakfast and did some chores. By the time she was done it was already 2 p.m and she felt a little tired. She decided to sleep for an hour before proceeding with her saturday chores. She made sure she set her phone alarm to ring after exactly an hour.

"Get yourself ready unless you wanna miss a meal at the Cafeteria," Jane had to remind her friend it was already supper time as she seemed in her own world. "Ooh, right give me a minute," Leah went to her wardrobe and picked a casual dress and within no time they were on their way to the cafeteria.
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