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Pitch for my new book
Twisted Roots

By Christina Weaver

At the reading of her mother’s will, Casey Moyer learns that the only truth about her birth is the date. Who is her mother? How did Diane Moyer come to raise a baby in her name? Casey sets out to find the truth. Her search will lead her from Portland, Oregon to Austin, Tx then to Boulder City, Colorado.

Brian Jacobi is a specialty Private Investigator. He gets a call from a couple who act suspicious when they set up and appointment. Under a vow of secrecy they ask him to find out if their daughter did in fact give birth to a child. Their daughter, Ashley, is married to the candidate for governor of Tennessee may be why their daughter had a meltdown about the media finding out her secret. After running back to her home, the grandparents hire Brian.

It seems like an open and shut case for Brian until Henry, a reporter for a sensational magazine overhears his questions and decides to follow Brian.

As Casey and Brian’s paths converge, everyone’s life is in danger. Casey is kidnapped by someone who doesn’t want her to find her mother. Now Brian and Henry must work together to find Casey before she disappears for good.

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