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Someone help me out from under this pile of paperwork!
The alarm goes off with a constant beep,
I slap the snooze with savage aggression;
The ten minute delay is not real sleep,
Time for me to become a possession.
In a drowsy state I do morning chores;
It seems harder each day to get them done.
Brushing? Dressing? I'll stay in the shower!
I wait a good while to open my drawers,
But pause too long you won't beat anyone.
Getting there first gives you all the power.

In general I'm first to get to the door,
It gives me some time to gather my thoughts.
Making the coffee is an easy chore,
I'll pick the grind, and I'll also use lots!
Deal with the public it's best to prepare;
Part of my job is to hear them complain,
My regret is just the tax on my time.
There are streets, sewers, and parks that need care;
With paperwork for jobs I must maintain.
No overtime pay, late nights on my dime.

Lest someone believe I don't love my work,
No one who doesn't writes grants worth millions.
It's simply that they won't hire me a clerk;
For filing, phones, and help with civilians.
Is it too much to ask to make this hire?
I've asked repeatedly throughout the years;
If put in the budget, I die from shock.
But could it happen before I retire?
Likely I die before someone appears.
At least Fridays I can shut off that clock!

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