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a group of 6 kids have a wild adventure in a place their parents told them not to go.

It's been almost 75 years since anyone outside the Valley has entered Hilltop. Four people have left Hilltop never looking back. Only two moved to the Valley. Rumors told by the Valleys people have kept unwanted persons and their kids safe from what is beyond the woods.the Mayors present and before made and kept a deal with Mr. Blackwood and never told the townspeople. So they the first mayor could have some of Mr. Blackwoods land. To build and make to his liking with only one stipulation that NO ONE will disturb his land. It has been so long that only the older people know of the deal. The younger towns people don't know and don't ask what is out there.

A group of six brave kids adventurous children, Tom,Jake,Mike,George,Jill,Sarah will go and see about the rumors they heard late one night.

The Blackwood family owned all the land that you could see in this forest from the top of the hill where they put their manor and family cemetery. Selling off pieces of their land over the years, since the early 1700's. The first mayor wanted the land farthest from Mr.Blackwood and Mr.Blackwood was pleased with that as well. With a deal to keep his town's people away from his land the mayor could have the land and build anything and everything his heart could want for his town.A few others have bought some land at the bottom of the Hilltop manor with the promise that no one will bother them. Ninety acres taken below and two miles of woods in between them and the Valley. With thick forest and dirt roads connecting them all to the caretaker. The caretaker had closed the bridge and will look after the forest and the Hilltop grounds, preventing passers by from driving into Hilltop.

Over the years the truth had gotten twisted and turned and far most exaggerated until they were rumours,tales,stories,lies. Than no one talked about it\them at all. A teenager Mike told his girlfriend a tale he was told one night to scare her into his arms as any young teenage football player would do. Mike was told by his grandfather that was told by his dad. Back than all the parents from that generation told their kids scare tales to keep them out of the forest and off the Blackwood estate for their own good. Rumours told turned the nice people of Hilltop into witches,werewolves,wacky doctors,children stealing monsters.

Sarah is a 13 year old tall,blue eyed blonde hair cheerleader. She is the valleys go to babysitter.she would babysit for Tom 10 most often. One normal friday night Sarah put Tom to bed around 9:30. After homework and dinner, or so she thought he was asleep. As any teen aged girl/babysitter alone on a friday night, she called her girlfriends to come over. But they all had other things to do. So she called her boyfriend to come keep her company. Sarah's boyfriend is Mike 14 years old,5'11, bright green eyes, shaggy dark brown hair, and the town's star quarterback.

When he got to Tom's house to be with his girlfriend of 4 months, she had the door unlocked. As most of the houses in the Valley were because nothing happened and nothing ever happened. Mike walked in and saw Sarah in the kitchen making popcorn and cookies.he made himself know by saying hey and walked into the living room as if he and Sarah live there.fixed the tv set up the bluray, put the disc that he grabbed from home. He didn't see what it was all he was thinking that Sarah called and wanted him to keep her company while she was babysitting,alone. Mike pushed the coffee table closer to the sofa. Quietly put the remote down as not to wake up the kid that was sleeping because that would ruin any plans that could happen tonight with Sarah. He unfolded the large blanket fluffed the pillows so Sarah and him would sit close watching the movie. After the living room was up to his standards he walked to the kitchen to bugg Sarah. Mike told Sarah he had a scary story to tell her. Nothing scared Sarah. She just huffed and walked past Mike handing him the sodas bowl of popcorn and placed the plate of cookies in his arms. Mike followed her into the living room. Where they both sat and got comfy and close. Mike started the movie. As the previews played and Sarah grabbed the popcorn he began to tell her the scary story.

"I was 10, so 4 years ago.it was the night before Halloween my grandfather Joe told us the tale he was told by his grandfather William, Mr. Blackwood's assistant." Mike began as Sarah moved closer to him. And a little boy Tom on the stairs stayed quiet and listened with excitement also,unseen.

" William loved working for an inventor. William listened and believed every word his boss said as if he was everything William tried to be and failed. His bosses full name was Mr. Roman Blackwood III. There wasn't much for William to do when Mr.Blackwood locked himself in his office or bedroom or his laboratory for days on end. That gave William a lot of time to wander the halls,find secret rooms, and corridors. The Blackwood manor was filled with old books, chests of old pictures and journals. William would walk the grounds and look out the large iron gates. And wonder why and what was out there. He would ask his boss over and over with no answer. So he went snooping the manor for answers one day his boss was locked in his laboratory doing crazy inventor things. Mr.Blackwood caught William one night and made him leave the grounds forever. But in William's possession he had two journals and 4 files he had found and stuffed away. And a green journal that had dates and names of all the Blackwood estate that was sold off. The red journal had Mr.Blackwoods own writings of a mad man and a women he loved and could not talk to her.the files were of the land owners closer to the Hilltop. A man that was the caretaker for the grounds outside the manor, 3 sisters, a lady that lived alone she was the last to buy land from the Blackwood family. William had lots of time on his hands and mind the 4 years he worked there. He made up stories about all the people he saw but didn't talk to. So the 3 sisters were really witches and the caretaker was one of Blackwoods experiments, and the lady was the one Mr.Blackwood himself loved so much."

Mike and Sarah lost track of time and as Sarah looked at the clock seeing 11:45 Mike knew by the look on Sarah's face he needed to leave fast. The movies must have playeed all the way through as it was back to the main menu. Little did they know that Tom was falling asleep on the stairs. He saw the clock to and ran to bed. Tom was so captavated by the tale he just over heard that he couldn't go sleep.Going over every word he just heard. He started thinking and making a plan.

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