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Nowadays children spend more time playing computer games than doing sports. Why is it happening? Does it have a positive or negative affect on their development?

Children these days are more into computer parlor than in the field playing outdoor games. There are several reasons for such drastic transition of choices for unwinding. In my view, computer games are harming this generation in more than one ways.

According to me, young adults indulge themselves in playing computer games because of various reasons. Firstly, computers along with high bandwidth internet and easily available in their home or gaming-center, which gives them enough options to get involved in games. Secondly, computer games, are itself intriguing due to the visual effects, sound quality, making it more realistic. Moreover, most of the games offers: daily; weekly; or monthly competitions, which makes users to login on daily basis. Furthermore, games like PUBG or counter strike gives a platform to the gamers to build a team with their friends, which however makes it more interesting. Finally, they also offer the users to create a profile for rewards after every task achievements, which makes it more addictive.

Although some may argue that virtual games do help adolescents to develop, however, I strongly believe it has a more hazardous impact on them. This is because younger generation are notorious of being sleep deprived. For example, recent study in Canada shows a wide range of population is suffering from insomnia or sleeping amnesia, which are mostly teenagers. Further analysis shows several reasons for such disorders, gaming being one of them. As a result, the Government is taking major steps to educate pupils about the harmful effect of computer games.

To conclude, larger scope of availability of computers are encouraging youth to involve themselves in gaming but such options certainly have severe effect on their overall growth
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