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A story for the 'Cliffhanger' contest. Also the start of two of my series.

The throne room was covered in several colors as the sun hit the jewels that were dangling from the ceiling. The colors danced on the four queens faces as they stared at each other in momentary silence. In the middle of the group was a floating glass ball that echoed sweet secrets to each as they sat there in their plush chairs. The glass floor under their feet allowed all to see the vast sea of Equith; the sea of Time and Universes.

"Earth is under control." Clareane finally stated, her voice like a crack of thunder in the room.

"Is it?" retorted the eldest, Eadin, who was now filing her nails as her eyes flicked between the nails to the crystal ball, "The last I checked the humans were starting to grow restless. Do you not see them attempt to play god?"

The four were silent once again; eyes glanced from one face to the other, this was not a simple conversation. The creator of earth cleared her throat, her fingers that were covered in rings gleamed as she tapped them against her dress. The three's eyes turned to her curiously as her eyes looked at the glass floor before.

"Certainly, they weren't as I planned but they're making a name for themselves." She responded, her voice meek, her body trying to make herself smaller as the sisters' eyes bore into her very soul.

"Certainly." Eadin replied, her teal eyes flickered from one sister to another, surely, they weren't thinking that the earth was savable. In fact, she assumed the other three were under the same impression that she was. Earth needed to be destroyed or at the very least remade. But the three remained silent now, so silent it was near deafening. Eadin tapped her foot and pressed her lips into a thin line.

"Humans can be redeemable." The fourth and youngest, Lothia said after a long moment. Eadin squinted her eyes at her sister as if in disbelief and her arms crossed.

"No! They're murdering one another, they rob children from cradles and keep them for themselves. There's nothing redeemable about them!" Eadin said hurriedly, as her pursed lips turned into that of a scowl "Just because your favorite sister made them doesn't mean you have to defend her disgusting creatures! Gloria is allowed to make mistakes, but we have to be the ones who need to mend those mistakes instead of pushing them under the rug."

"There's hundreds of alternate universes- there has to be a single universe that you consider redeemable." Gloria said after a moment, her eye looked into Eadin's a moment, hoping to find some change of heart within her, before once again looking down at the floor when she found none.

"Someday the sun will consume their world as the star dies." Lothia said after a moment, "Can we wait until then?"

"Absolutely not, the planet is dying anyway at an accelerated rate."

"Then wait for them to die out on their own." Claerene replied, Eadin paused a moment and looked at the sister beside her.

Was she really the only one who was on her own side? Everyone else seemed to want earth to be saved. Aeden couldn't understand why everyone was so hell bent on saving a planet that was clearly so evil and cruel to its occupants. There was nothing in her eyes that was redeemable about the planet at all. Not only was it a cruel world with an overpopulation of a single species but that species was also making accelerations towards space exploration. It was only a matter of time before they were going from world to world killing and molesting the planet and the occupants.

"Do you want them to kill your dear Shakoons, Claerene. It's only a matter of time before they reach out, your creatures are far to trusting to life outside their own planet."

"Yes, but my people are also explorers and conquerors, if they went to Earth they would most likely take it over just to try to preserve it longer." Claerene replied softly, not seeming to mind the loss of a couple humans and Shakoon alike. She had made planets in the past that were no longer in existence just like her sisters had, to them all this was but a game of chess. Except when it came to earth; the planet almost seemed like a creature of its own. It would swallow anything near it in the name of science and to cement their existence in history for creatures to remember them for good or bad.

"Not to mention the faceless one is there-" Lothia said after a moment

"Leech." Aeden retorted with a foul look on her face. That creature had been hopping from planet to planet for millennia. It often feasted on the insecurities and paranoia of creatures that it followed. It often led to the creature murdering more of its species in a way to appease it. The creature was like a vulture, it had become lazy and slow when it came to killing its own prey, enjoying the game of cat and mouse that it had with the victims.

"What if we made a place that was a proving ground for humanity?" Lothia asked, Aeden rose her brow.

"Like a pocket universe?" Gloria asked

"Exactly! We can put some humans of our choosing in there and if they can coexist and change for the better than the earth is savable." Lothia said, clapping her hands excitedly. She was prolonging her game and she knew Aeden, while hating humans, also found them fascinating. Having them under a magnifying glass would be a dream come true for the other queen.

"Fine- we play your game but if they continue to be a despicable species the planet's blood is on their hands not ours." Aeden said as she moved to stand up. The other sisters moved to join her except for Gloria who continued to look into the crystal ball for guidance.

" What if the faceless one goes to that universe too?" she asked

Aeden looked down at her curiously before a small smile appeared on her face.

"Oh, I'm counting on it, little sister."


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