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by Elle
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List of nominees for the 13th annual Quill Awards (2019 edition)
Note that this is the 2019 nominations list. Click here for other years

Nominations close at the end of January 2020. To nominate someone, please use the "2019 Nomination Form for Quill Awards.

If a statement was included with the nomination post or email, it is also included below. Statements included may be edited from the original nomination statements and may be removed or reasonably edited at any time if the Quills panel deems it necessary or appropriate. Names of nominators are not included for privacy reasons.

The following categories are open for nominations:

*Quill*           *Quill*           *Quill*           *Quill*           *Quill*

Non-Static Awards:
created and/or reasonably active in 2019

Best Forum (Non-Contest)
"a very Wodehouse challenge by iKïyå§ama
"Writing.Com Reading Challenge by ~Minja~
         This forum reignited my fuel for reading. Minja’s activity has reminded me how much I love it and how important it is to me.
"Spreading rays of sunshine... CLOSED by Lilli
         Such a simple way to spread love around the site. This is such a unique forum. What a generous idea!
"Anniversary Reviews by Sum1
         The spirit there is positive and encouraging and it's a great activity in which to participate.
"Question of the Day! by Lilli
         Lilli asks the most interesting, provocative, and thought provoking questions. She gives us something to talk about and think about.
"The Contest Challenge by Schnujo is NaNo-ing
         It's a super fun challenge that promotes entering a variety of contests throughout the year, WDC community spirit, and expanding our writing comfort zones.
"Noticing Newbies by The StoryMistress
         It's just generally a wonderful forum for welcoming new members of the community and helping them orient and integrate themselves.
"Weekly Goals by The StoryMistress
         It's so great that she encourages everyone to set and complete goals. It doesn't matter so much what the goal is and I think that's one of the best parts
"Rising Stars Book Club by Lilli
"Book Sharing by Cubby spreading kindness...
         This wonderful forum is a great place for members to connect with others who share their interests in an author or to find their next great read.
"The Soundtrack of Your Life Challenge by Jeff
         They make a very unusual and tremendous swap between music and writing.
"WhataLand by WhataConstructing
         She has such a wealth of info here. It's wonderful for everyone--newbies and not.

Best Campfire, In & Out, or Interactive

Best Single-Person Activity
"Favorite Type of Writing by Brooke - 15 years?
         It's insightful and helpful for those who are interested in running contests and other activities
"It's a Journey by Emily

Best Image/cNote
"My Heart by WhataConstructing
"PDG SIG by ~Minja~

Best Image/cNote Shop
"C-Note City by WhataConstructing
         There's a huge variety to choose from, she updated it this year with even more images, she allows multiple recipients and has reasonable prices.
"Minja's Sig Shop by ~Minja~
         Some good artwork in here! We need these shops. Well, some of us do *Ha*
"The Laughing Turtle Image Shop by Hannah ♫♥♫
         The images are so cute! Hannah’s artistic skills in putting the images together shines. I love this shop!

Best New Contest

Best Contest
"Metamorphosis Contest by Sara♥Jean
"Early to Bed, Early to Rise Challenge by PWheeler ~ love ~ joy ~ peace
"24 Syllables by Lostwordsmith
         It's daily, it's fun, there's a lot of participation and I love it.
"Oriental Poetry Contest by Chris Breva - Is grateful!

Best Raffle/Auction
"Mad Hatter's Tea Party by Choconut Ohhhh NaNooooo!
         I think it's great that while she's working to earn GPs for herself, she's also raising them for others around WdC. In addition, I love that she offers both auction and raffle options with a variety of rewards.
"WDC Does The Movies! by Choconut Ohhhh NaNooooo!
         I love the fun, casual way she addresses her audience in the introduction/instruction area. In addition, she's smart and offers every prize as a 50/50. GPs are something everyone would love to win.
"The Gnome Adventures Fundraiser ~ Closed by Thankful Sharmelle
         It’s cute and fun. I love the original concept of the gnomes. Great pictures, too.
"LUCKY BONES GAME 2019 - Now Closed by Hannah ♫♥♫
         It’s so much fun! I love the personas of the people running the forum. It’s different to every other fundraiser on here. Fantastic!

Best New Group

Best Group
"Fantasy and Science Fiction Society by David the Dark one!
"The WDC Soundtrackers by Jeff
"Rising Stars of WdC by Lilli
"The Rockin' Reviewers by Hannah ♫♥♫
         This is such a friendly, helpful, fun group. Hannah is an active and thoughtful leader.

Best Blog
"Life's Needle Drop by Charlieee 🌈
"Complex Numbers by Chill November Waltz
"Invalid Item by penntonic
"Confessions of an Anxiety-Ridden Redhead by Brooke - 15 years?
"Herding Cats & Squirrel Tracks by Jayne
         Hilarious, heartfelt, and the blog on WDC that I most look forward to reading.
"View from Down Under by Rosemary
         She has wonderfully inspiring posts that make me really want to get more organized.
"Are You Listening??? by Charlieee 🌈
         Excellent blogging voice, humorous and though-provoking.
"Reasonings by Elycia Lee ☮
         I enjoy reading Elycia's unique point of views on a plethora of subjects. She's funny, but deep.
"These Are My JOTtings, Part #2 by Jay O'Toole
         It's inspiring, uplifting and always either makes me smile, think or pray (sometimes all three!).
"Seeds of Imagination by Bob's Turkeys
         Short, sweet and eloquent entries.
"Loving Libby by Charity Marie - I am Back!
         I find Charity's blog to be interesting, thought-provoking, and inherently REAL.
"Persistent Perseverance by ~♥~Krysha~♥~
         I really enjoy hearing about Krysha's life, both with its ups and downs and how it showcases her good attitude.
"Taming the Stars by Satuawany
"Where In The World Is Sum1? by Sum1
         He lets us all travel the globe with him, even though we never leave our homes.
"Bits of Me and Some by ~Alexi~
         It's an interesting look at Alexi's views. It's beautifully presented, too.

*Quill*           *Quill*           *Quill*           *Quill*           *Quill*

Static Awards:
must be static items created in 2019 unless otherwise noted

Best Lyrics
"Begin Again by iKïyå§ama

Best Short Poem, Structured
"A Blade of Grass by Baloney Bill
"Don't Tell by The Red Queen Kissy
         I thought this poem was so funny and creative! I loved it!
"Let That Be Your Last Battlefield by Roseille ♥
         It is understated to look at, but it packs a punch when you read. It's a wonderful message, and it's beautifully written.
"Trusting in faith by Roland King and Darleen the QoD 🌙
"The Art of Presumption by Dave
"Gwawdodn by ren is an anxious geek
"Abuse by the Wordy Jay
         It's stark and creates a vivid picture of an abusive home. Very moving.

Best Medium-Length Poem, Structured
"Paddling Dream by eyestar
         Beautifully written and full of emotion.
"Invalid Item by pure405evil
         Fantastic use of the common measure to write an emotive poem with fabulous vocabulary choices
"Invalid Item by EpicScore
"Requiem by NordicNoir
         A beautiful yet haunting piece of poetry.
"Please Don't Fatten the Fowl - 1st Place by MjoShmo
         It’s so clever. It made me smile the moment I saw it. And I love the actual content as much as the form.
"Thunder Cover by Words Whirling 'Round
         An alternative, emotive love story which is beautiful.
"Invalid Item by Mari McKee
"Summer Days by BlueJay
         Well done and creative
"The Gift of Memories by Cubby spreading kindness...
         Nostalgic and beautiful
" ✒️📅 Rise and Fall (Form: Double Etheree) by Darleen the QoD 🌙
         It evokes a lot of emotion
"Invalid Item by Ray Scrivener
"Elegy For the Neighborhood by Dave
"An Idea Lost by NordicNoir
"Sweet Dreams by Nptparker
         I found this poem written by a newbie very uplifting and encouraging. We all get days when things go wrong and putting them behind before we sleep is the best solution.
"In His Presence by Sum1
         It is beautifully and skillfully written by a gifted writer.

Best Long Poem, Structured
"Disillusionment by 🌙 HuntersMoon
"Oh Joyful Day by Carol St. Ann
         She really made me feel for this mother and kid set of bunnies. Poor things!
"I Want To Be A Unicorn by 🌙 HuntersMoon
         This poem really drew me in to caring about the poor little rabbit. It also had a good moral.
"Cywydd Llosgyrnog by ren is an anxious geek
"Ode of I by jinks
         It’s a moving look at the mind of someone with depression. It’s very relatable. A great write.
"The Hungover Easter Bunny by Choconut Ohhhh NaNooooo!
         A comical twist on the Easter Bunny, filled with whimsical fantasy.

Best Short Poem, Free Verse
"Dirty Mutts by IceSkating SugarCube
"I Am Not a Beekeeper by Jayne
"Bathetic by Nyarlathotep November
"NaPoWriMo/24 Syllables Entry, Day 28 ~ Seminal by Choconut Ohhhh NaNooooo!
         This little poem just says so much in so few words.
"⭐ Eternal by Roseille ♥
         It's beautiful and moving
"Memory by eyestar
         It's emotionally powerful, chilling and only 24 syllables.
"Summer's Treasures by blueflowers777
         It's excellent
"Beneath The Maple Tree by NordicNoir
"The Flower I was. by Chariot to the heavens ...
         Such a gentle, sweet nature to this poem
"Sight. by Beholden
"Light Everlasting? by Brian

Best Medium-Length Poem, Free Verse
"Into the Mist by Lilli
"Loss of Self by Choconut Ohhhh NaNooooo!
         Cleverly constructed, evocative and emotionally powerful poem.
"Eggshell by Fivesixer
"An erotic potato poem... [176.1] ...for the New Year. by Kåre Enga, P.O. 22, Blogville
"Callused Hands by Emily
"Rage Is Never Spoken Of by Azrael Tseng
         He does such a great job describing rage, describing a horrible childhood, of making us feel without being melodramatic.
"chasing bunnies by Rhyssa
         This was such a cute and creative poem...and so often true.
"She Still Believes in Unicorns by Lostwordsmith
         This is such a sweet and sad poem that really touched my heart.
"Waiting for sleep by 🏳‍🌈 Me ~ Duf ♏
         This is such a cute poem from a unique perspective.
"✒️🏅Peripheral by Darleen the QoD 🌙
         {{i}This is a great example of how to use a poet's bag of tricks when writing free verse.
"Grandma's Cottage Garden by Sally
         It is so moving. Her writing is beautiful, and the memory of her grandma is so warm and loving.
"One Wrong Turn by Choconut Ohhhh NaNooooo!
         Incredibly written, emotional, and moving.
"One Day by The Red Queen Kissy
         It is stunning, both visually and with its message. It's absolutely beautiful writing.
"All the Things You've Given Me by Emily
         This is a beautiful, well-written poem with beautiful sentiment and imagery.
"Band-Aids and Bullet Holes by IceSkating SugarCube
"Make her happy by Roland King
"✒️🥉 Venom of Truth by Darleen the QoD 🌙
" ✒️🥇 Catastrophic Calligraphy by Darleen the QoD 🌙
"In Poison Blooms by Roseille ♥
         Have you read this dark beauty? It sent shivers up my spine with its depth and dual meaning.
"Garland of Hearts by LynnPenCakes
"Christmas in July by J.L. O'Dell(NANO)
"A Christmas Poem for Jesus by PWheeler ~ love ~ joy ~ peace
"Paying the Bills by NordicNoir
         This poem brought a giant-sized lump to my throat. It's incredibly moving. Absolutely beautiful.
"Losing the Light by ♥tHiNg♥
         This poem brought me to tears. It's so moving and so well written. Absolutely beautiful.
"Not Yet Dawn by NordicNoir
         The poem describes the moments before dawn with an accuracy and clarity that is excellent. Imagery is fresh, original and intense.
"A Tiny Black Beetle by Beholden
"Picking Up the Broken Pieces by LegendaryMasK❤
         An encouraging, uplifting poem of God's goodness and faithfulness
"Zimbabwe Rain by Beholden
         The imagery in this poem is incredible. It's a fantastic description of nature.
"Journey To The Fountain of Endless Love! by Jaiam
         A tribute to the God of Heaven and Earth, Jehovah
"In Time, In Time by ♥tHiNg♥
         Wow. This poem is moving and I couldn't stop thinking about it for days.
"⭐ What She's Having by Roseille ♥
         The language is vibrant and creative, and it left me with a huge smile on my face.
"Old Oak Man by Canis Lupis
         This poem was so powerful! I can't stop thinking about it. It nearly brought tears to my eyes. This poem is amazing!
"Tiny Dancer On Our Radio by Canis Lupis
         Beautiful poem.
"Aground by Beholden
"✒️🥈Fragmented by Darleen the QoD 🌙
"Torn/Mended by Kittiara
"Remastered: Kites by Brian
"Lest I Forget by the Wordy Jay
         This poem is both beautiful and sad. The last verse is so emotional. It's a great write.
"The Sea by the Wordy Jay
         I love the descriptions of the ferocity of nature. This is a clever, original poem.

Best Long Poem, Free Verse
"Used Goods by Choconut Ohhhh NaNooooo!
"-S-e-c-u-r-e- by Azrael Tseng
"How The Devil Learnt To Dance by Azrael Tseng
"The Unicorn and the Rabbit by everyjones
         I loved the images and creativity.
"To Catch A Unicorn by Azrael Tseng
         I loved how this poem made me feel.
"Body Memory by Emily
"If (with apologies to Rudyard Kipling) by Beholden
"The Girl (Never Little) by Choconut Ohhhh NaNooooo!
         This poem grabs the reader and immerses them in the pain the girl expresses. A poem that will undoubtedly resonate with many. The unique structure and formatting really highlighted the emotional sincerity of the piece in a way that struck a chord with me.
"I am not a Victim by Nixie
         The theme is relevant and shown with potent imagery and voice.
"Empty Vessels by Roseille ♥
         Emotionally impactful and terrifying all at once

Best Poetry Collection
"The Wordsmith's Verse by Lostwordsmith
         Karen's poetry is beautiful. She writes with a lot of emotion and bags of talent. I never tire of reading her.
"24 Syllables Poetry Entries by 🌙 HuntersMoon
"✒️Shadows in the Light by Darleen the QoD 🌙
"Poetry Collection | 2019 by Roseille ♥

Best Short Non-Fiction
"Use Your Thoughts Like a Paintbrush by PastorJuan
"A Stray Fort or Two by Beholden
"Dracarys by Cat Voleur ~ Seeking Sponsors
         This is a well thought out essay about a subject Cat is clearly very passionate about. I've never seen a single episode of Game of Thrones, but this essay actually makes me more interested in it. Great writing!

Best Long Non-Fiction
"Just Another Walk in the Rain by WhataConstructing

Best Non-Fiction Collection

Best Flash Fiction
"My Little Blackmailer by J.L. O'Dell(NANO)
"Revolution by Chill November Waltz
         A very well told, poignant story.
"The Gatekeeper by FuryStrife
         This is an incredible tale of terror with a wickedly perfect ending,
"Here by Strega
"Picking Up Pieces by IceSkating SugarCube
         It sent me on a rollercoaster of emotions and that's a difficult task!!
"Independence by Bikerider
         This is such a clever piece of flash. Angelo creates a hugely sympathetic main character. I love the ending. I didn't see it coming, but I was really glad it happened.
"Gladly Golightly by Zehzeh
         A delightful piece full of sharp insights and humorous asides. All that and a companion bear that has his own story to tell. And the writing is flawless.
"The Feather by Mastiff
         It was an interesting and creative idea. Oddly, I actually learned from it
"Crustbin Thistlebum by NordicNoir
         Great story! First Place, August 2019 in the "Holiday Short Story Contest.
"A Tooth Fairy Tale by Beholden
         Great story! First Place, August 2019 in the "Holiday Short Story Contest.
"Stuart - TFIT by celticsea
         Great story! Third Place, August 2019 in the "Holiday Short Story Contest.
"From Rags to Fairy-ness by Rima: Back To Work
         Great story! HM, August 2019 in the "Holiday Short Story Contest.
"The Ambush by Xarthin
         This is a great look at life through a cat's eyes. Amusing and well written.
"James James by Beholden
         This is so entertaining. I love the writing style, the cleverness of the children in the plot. It's fabulous to its core.
"Bad Luck by Beholden
         This made me laugh. It's a great story, really well-written. Slightly gross in places *Laugh*

Best Short Story (1)
"The Winning Color by Emily
"Invalid Item by Ray Scrivener
"The Eyes of Death by IceSkating SugarCube
         Very talented newbie with fascinating tales of terror.
"Mosquito Island by IceSkating SugarCube
         This a very well written story of terror written by a very good author!
"Happy Death Day by Sorji of the Red Team
"Invalid Item by Ray Scrivener
         I think this plot would be every horror writer's nightmare. I loved the set-up and execution the story line. Very creatively frightening.
"Loving Faith by Bob's Turkeys
         This story was a very creative entry in the Paranormal Romance Short Story Contest.
"Woods of the Willamette by Mastiff
"A Diamond in the Dust by Wolfie von Wolfenstein III
         The writing is absolutely beautiful. It's so descriptive and so immersive. It's also a fantastic story of personification. Love it!
"Dream Stuff by normajean
         I love how this writer presented this story of a dream within a dream, and the ending couldn't have been any better!
"A Mind for Sale by jdennis
         A unique and clever idea.
"✒️ The Sun & The Moon by Darleen the QoD 🌙
         What an original story! I really felt for the sun and moon, and that's not something I was expecting!
"Out of the Blue by A E Willcox
         Romance, treasure, and a desert island. What more could we want? This is a lovely story with two great characters.
"Moon Cathedral by Beholden
         Wow. Breathtaking description. I loved the way I explored the old cathedral along with the main character. Unexpected, but fab, ending.
"Deuces by Charity Marie - I am Back!
         I love this story. It almost makes me want to learn how to play poker. I love the tension in this story. It's an exciting read.
"We All Must Surrender by Charity Marie - I am Back!
         A moving account of love between parent and child in the toughest situation. I really enjoyed this.
"Ready to Fall by Beholden
"Goodbye Junk Food, Hello Health! by Choconut Ohhhh NaNooooo!
         It was easy to relate to, with a surprisingly inspirational ending that caught me off guard and gave me hope.

Best Short Story (2)
"✒️🥇Reignited by Darleen the QoD 🌙
"Phoenix by Azrael Tseng
"Preparing to Write The Gospel of John... by ruwth

Best Long Story
"8 1/2 MURDERS by Donkey Hoetay
         It's perfectly creepy and full of surprises.
"Find Your Voice — Part 1 by bkies
         It's captivating and just an overall great story!

Best Chapter

Best Novel or Novella
"Time And Time Again by Sum1
         It's a very creative story. I like how it unfolded and where it went.

Best Short Story Collection
"✒️ Black Labyrinth by Darleen the QoD 🌙
         A well-thought out collection of stories that are carefully integrated into a larger overarching story. This is a creative, imaginative collection of interconnecting stories.
"Murmurationis Cotidie by Cat Voleur ~ Seeking Sponsors
         Some great horror-ful stories in this collection. It's very creative.
"Everything Must Go by Choconut Ohhhh NaNooooo!
         Rachel pens a frightfully-engaging collection of dark tales.

Best Mixed Collection

*Quill*           *Quill*           *Quill*           *Quill*           *Quill*

Best Newsletter
"Where Characters Never Seem to Go! by Fyndorian
"Keeping Negativity Out of the Pool by Northernwrites
"February 2019 by 🦄🏳️‍🌈Sapph
         A clear explanation of how one can use the five-star rating system.
"Spring Super Power Newsletter by Maryann
"A Few Tips by eyestar
"Jane Austen Newsletter May 2019 by Princess Megan Rose
         This newsletter is expertly written, highly entertaining,
"Why Our Online Behaviour Matters by Kittiara
"With The Stroke of a Pen by Fyndorian
"Confidence! by Fyndorian
"Revise! Revise! Revise! by Vivian
         Extremely informative and helpful!
"International Standard Book Number by Annette
         Extremely informative and helpful!

Best Educational Program
"House of Sensual Prose by ∞Purple Princess∞

Best Reviewing
         Skarecrow gives insightful and helpful, in-depth reviews in a positive and encouraging way. I love getting a review from him.
A E Willcox
         It is an honor to receive a review from her..
Princess Megan Rose
         She does good reviews that show she's read the work and encourages other people to keep writing.
         His reviews are always honest and helpful. He's always willing to answer questions and review again.
Charlieee 🌈
Darleen the QoD 🌙
         Her reviews are always substantive, heartfelt, and the tic she puts into them shows just how passionate she is about not only her own writing but the writing of others.
         Always quality, in-depth reviews.
         In-depth reviews without fluff.
Once In a Red Moon
Dawn Embers
Roseille ♥
         Every review is written with solid feedback and is encouraging to the author.
         In-depth reviews that help with everything from the overall story to individual lines.

Special Contributions to WDC
(nominations for this category are not published. Only winners will be announced)

Best New Portfolio
IceSkating SugarCube

Best Portfolio
Roseille ♥
Azrael Tseng
Darleen the QoD 🌙
Choconut Ohhhh NaNooooo!
         Well organised and visually appealing port.
Hannah ♫♥♫
         Hannah’s port is varied and well-presented.
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