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A young man calls on an old friend for new help.


"I'm working. Go outside and play," says Alexander to the young boy looking up at him with sadness written across his face.

"Okay," Jimmy replies sulking out to the backyard, sitting on top of a tree stump. As he sits, a black rabbit bonces his way. Jimmy, so desperately wanting a friend, grabs his bucket and places it on top of the bunny.

"Let me out of here!" screams the bunny as he transforms into a beautiful tall dark skin male with flowing gold dreadlocks.

Jimmy stares at the towering man smiling down at him as he takes the bucket off his head. "I thought that magic was fake."

"It is, in your world. In my world, I am a weather witch," replies Rowan sitting upon the stump crossing his leg.

"I thought dudes were warlock?" asks Jimmy sitting with his legs crossed Indian style.

"No, warlocks are traitors, and they use their powers for evil," replies Rowan. "

"Rowan, can you make it snow? The last time I saw him smile was in the snow," says Jimmy looking up doe eyed.

"You got it," Rowan raises his hands, causing clouds to form, and it begins to snow.

Alexander looks up from his computer out into the snowstorm. He walks to the back of the house and notices Jimmy twirling in the backyard. Then he sees him, as he pushes through the door, they lock eyes.


"How are you Alexander?"

"I can't believe this," Alexander exclaims walking into the backyard filling up quickly with snow smiling.

"Alexander, I did the same thing for you. Your son needs you, and I must go," replies Rowan as an artic breeze blows and he disappears.

"Thank you," says Jimmy waving.

Alexander continues to smile, as he is hit by a snowball.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2181628