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Alien ship crashes to earth with only one survivor an episodic adventure

Episode 1

Mid-eighteenth century a large oval-shaped spacecraft sits in a high orbit above the earth. Inside the craft, two humanoid aliens gather information about the planet and human beings and their level of advancement. They observe and study the differing nations, cultures, languages and way of life. The complete ecosystem and biodiversity of the planet are fed into the crafts databanks.

The tall pale skinned alien glanced at his sister with curiosity. “Isn’t it time we left this planet, Stelsong we have the information we need. They are a primitive species and warlike, not worth further study.”

Stelsong looked up from the display screen with a questioning look. “ Hmm, what did you say brother?”

“I said it’s time we left this primitive world it will take thousands of their years before they reach our level of advancement. More likely their self-destructive tendencies will lead them to extinction before that happens.”

Stelsong touched the lower part of the display panel; the screen went blank. She turned to face her brother. “Perhaps, but they have potential don’t you think Pelaris?”

Pelaris shrugged his broad shoulders, “Maybe, are you ready to leave orbit?”

Stelsong sighed, “Fine we have enough data prepare to leave orbit.” They both took their seats on the crafts bridge.

Pelaris pressed a button in front of him and waited for the sound of engines. “Engines online.”

“Readouts all green computing escape velocity,” Stelsong said, concentrating on the display on the screen in front of her.

A warning alarm sounded!

“What’s going on? All systems were in the green a moment ago”

“Not sure checking readouts now,” Pelaris answered calmly. An unexpected event, not enough time to avoid. Execute escape velocity now thrusters to maximum.”

“Now! We are not at full power yet. What unexpected event?” Stelsong snapped back.

Pelaris gritted his teeth turning his head to face Stelsong with an agonised expression. “Sun flare! No time, I’m sorry sister; I was careless. I should have seen it.” Sparks came from several displays one by one the ship's systems went dead. A shockwave buffeted the craft knocking it out of orbit; the ship spiralled downward on the outer edge of the shockwave.

“We still have power firing thrusters, trying to level out,” Stelsong said as the whole craft shuddered steel rendered, cables burst to fall with electricity still flowing through them to hang dangerously. Fires broke out everywhere; bulkheads blew the metal buckling and warping. A large piece of overhead plating fell on Pelaris crushing and trapping his legs and lower body.

“Pelaris!” Stelsong shouted her eyes wide with shock.

Pelaris yelled in pain, then steadied himself he spoke in a faltering voice, grinding his teeth. “I’m fine Stelsong don’t worry about me. We are not going to escape the planet's gravity... We have to land concentrate on getting the trajectory right, or we will burn up on entry.”

Stelsong tapped the flickering screen display. “We’re really going to do this--- land on the planet?”

Pelaris tried to move the effort causing more pain sweat breaking on his brow. “No choice now... it’s what you always wanted anyway isn’t it.”

Stelsong shuddered tears coming to her eyes, “Not this way Pel, not like this. Hold on we will soon be on the ground then I’ll fix you up in no time.” She doubted either of them would make it as she struggled to maintain control of the ship.

Pelaris couldn’t feel his legs, realising he was becoming feverish, and would likely lose consciousness any moment. “I’m sorry Stelsong I don’t think I’m going to make it.”

“Don’t say that you are going to be okay just hold on,” Stelsong said, her voice shaking with emotion. She glanced at her brother seeing his face even paler than usual blood matted his blonde hair and trickled down his forehead. She turned back, concern for her brother clouding her thinking as she squinted studying the dimmed display. Stelsong blinked away tears as she tried to concentrate.

The ship entered the atmosphere!

“Hold on a while longer please Pel,” Stelsong pleaded not taking her eyes off the screen. There was no answer. Flames engulfed the outer hull of the ship the temperature inside rose to an almost unbearable level. The entire ship shuddered and vibrated small sections being torn off to burn up as the ship plummeted. Stelsong wrestled with the controls trying to pull the craft level her vision blurred, and she blacked out.

Cornwall, England near the coast, a flaming object plummets from the night sky. A group of smugglers near to the shore look up to see what looks like a ball of fire. Other inhabitants inland point skyward with amazement and fear, as the fiery object splashes into sea raising a large fountain of water and steam. Some of the locals rushed to the shore peering out to sea, others went home to lock their doors and stay inside.. The smugglers first there launched their small boat, though fearful of what it might be. Greed overcame their fear as they went to investigate hoping to find treasure.

The craft lay perilously on a ledge under metres of water. Below the shelf, a gaping chasm disappeared into the fathomless depths of the sea. Stelsong slowly regained consciousness the ship mostly in darkness with an occasional flickering light. She looked out the view screen she could tell the spacecraft rested precariously on an underwater ridge. She got out of the seat feeling dizzy and light headed. She had cuts to her face arms and legs, and her side felt bruised.

“Pelaris! Pelaris!” she called barely making him out in the darkness she lifted the metal plating of him carefully. The ease she raised the heavy plating of him surprised her. She couldn’t make his features out entirely but could still hear his ragged breathing. “Pelaris my brother hold on I’ll heal you.”

Pelaris breathing grew fainter by the second he spoke barely above a whisper. “No, don’t waste your lifeforce on me; it's too late.” Taking a ragged breath, he gasped coughing, blood. “Safe yourself Stelsong take the data from the computer,” he gasped for breath. Live a long life, never forget you once had a brother who loved you.”

Stelsong shook her head tears streaming down her face. “No Pel I won’t let you die I won't, you can’t die please live how am going to cope without you.” Stelsong pleaded weeping she rested her head on his chest.

Pelaris sucked in a deep breath, “You will be special here,” he paused once more gasping for breath. Stelsong put her ear close to his lips trying to hear what he was saying. “You will do a lot more than cope; go my sister and live.” His eyes closed and he gave a last gasp. Stelsong lay at his side weeping until she could no more. Finally getting to her feet, wiping away tears she stood silently staring down at Pelaris’s lifeless body lost in grief. A scraping of metal as the ship moved brought Stelsong to her senses. She would do as her brother asked and live. Seawater seeped in from several hull breaches. She waded through ankle-deep rising water to a panel, retrieving the data from the computer. The ship began to list on its side teetering on the ledge. Stelsong retrieved a life pod placing Pelaris’s body in the pod she jettisoned it into the deep.

“One day I will find away for both of us to return home, then I will come for you brother” Stelsong vowed. Making her way to the upper hatch as the craft began to fall slowly over the ledge.

Episode 2

Stelsong stripped naked before opening the hatch as seawater poured in drenching her she gripped the outside of the hatch pulling herself up and out. She took one last look back as the craft sank into the deep. Holding her breath, she kicked her feet out, her arms above her head, as she swam. Stelsong struggled to swim up. Advanced alien genetics built into her began to adapt to the environment, making bodily changes; gills opened on her back; her feet elongated, and wedding grew between her toes. Air extracted through the water passing over and through the gills enabled her to breathe. Stelsong pushed upwards ever faster surfacing not far the smuggler's boat. The smugglers spotted her pointing they shouted to her when she didn’t respond they threw spears in her direction. Stelsong dove under the water swimming towards the smuggler's boat she came up under the boat capsizing it and tipping the smugglers into the sea.

“Ignorant savages.” Stelsong left the smugglers struggling to re-float their boat and swam towards the shore. She swam along the shoreline until she found a secluded area to come ashore. As soon as Stelsong reached the shallow water, she automatically began to transform back. Naked, she walked up the beach though a cold offshore breeze blew Stelsong did not feel the cold again alien genetics kept her body temperature even. The first thing she needed was to find appropriate clothing to wear. She saw light coming from a few dwellings further inland stealthy she made her way towards the lights. She could hear the sound of the waves behind her; far of a dog barked. She turned sharply hearing a noise close by to spot a rodent alarmed by her presence running for cover. Stelsong passed several dwellings before finding one with clothing hanging on a line. She crept into the yard stealing the clothing to attire herself. It was almost daylight when Stelsong found an empty old house on a hillside. “This is a secluded spot I wonder what it's like inside,” She thought, turning the door handle, the door opened with a creak on rusty hinges. Entering the house, she looked around. Dust and dirt were everywhere, and cobwebs hung from the ceiling. A few pieces of furniture stood here and there some of it broken. She went upstairs an old bed stood in one corner of one of the bedrooms with a wardrobe in a niche in which she found a few more clothes moth-eaten but still serviceable.

“Well it's not what I’ve been used to, but a start anyway,” Stelsong sighed. As she settled in at the old house, she gave some thought to how she would live. Stelsong had studied traditions and the way of life on earth; what people did for a living also the local suspicions. She decided to start with collecting herbs first to sell then when she offered to and cured someone; the people came to her for herbal remedies and healing. Stelsong used her abilities along with the herbs to help heal, cure illness and treat wounds. They would pay her with money, give food or anything else they could spare in return for her services.

In time she was able to renovate the house and make it a comfortable home. She began to diversify because of her advanced knowledge and know-how, she gradually accumulated wealth. Although she led a lonely life, making few friends. She did not want to get close to anyone; less they found out she who she was. Stelsong, for the most part, preferred not to interfere in human destiny.

Present Day

Location - Welworth a suburb of SW London

Place - Welworth Infant & Junior School

“Okay children put away your things its home time,” the slender blonde-haired woman said. “Your parents will be here any minute.” She looked around the classroom smiling as she watched the children pack away the toys and books. After the children left, she checked to see if they left anything behind.

She was about to leave when the headteacher came by, “Miss Song, can I have a word before you go?”

Stella turned to face the headteacher brushing back a strand of hair from her face, “Yes, Mrs Santurs. What is it?” Stella asked.

Rachel Santurs looked every bit the headteacher dressed in a two-piece navy blue top and skirt with matching shoes. She stood ramrod straight and carried a ledger under one arm. “I hate to ask this as tomorrow is your day off, but Miss Albrite has phoned in sick for the next two days; can you come tomorrow and take a day off another time?”

Stella frowned she planned to go and visit the old house and pay her respects to Pelaris, “I suppose it can make time at the weekend,” she thought. “Yes, I can come in tomorrow if you need me Mrs Santurs.”

“Oh, thank you, dear, I’ll be ever so grateful. Thank you so much,” Mrs Santurs smiled and waved as she left.

Stelsong drove along the busy road; her thoughts strayed back to how she became stranded on this planet. It took time, but she adapted to life on earth, even changing her name to fit in better. She watched with fascination at the rapid progress humanity made. They still had some way to go before becoming advanced as her race; she doubted they ever would. Stelsong sighed, turning her mind to the road ahead the traffic moved slowly with frequent stops and starts.

Stella spotted the flashing blue light of a police car ahead, and an ambulance attended an accident between two vehicles. A policeman directed traffic at the scene. As Stelsong slowly drove past, she glanced across at the scene. Her enhanced vision and hearing enabled her to see a man trapped by his legs in his vehicle a paramedic attended him. She overheard a police officer say they were waiting for the fire brigade with cutting gear to cut the roof and parts the car to release the man. Stella could quickly get the man out herself, his legs looked severely injured, and if he wasn’t freed and appropriately treated soon, he might end up crippled the rest of his life. Stella shook her head; it was not for her to interfere besides there was no way she could help without giving herself away. Whatever happens to the trapped man is his fate and meant to be, she told herself.

Stelsong listened to the report on the car radio about the accident as she drove to school the next morning. The man trapped in his car had been drinking beforehand and caused the accident; was now recovering in hospital. Doctors were not sure as yet whether he would be able to walk again. The incident troubled her, but she put it at the back of her mind. “Humans can be so stupid! Drinking under the influence,” she shook her head, feeling more at ease with herself. She forgot about the accident as she began her day teaching. Miss Albrite’s class were a year older than the children she usually taught and could be a bit of a handful, but Stelsong had no trouble getting along with them.

Stelsong looked at her watch, another hour and a half to go before school ended for the day. She gave the children an exercise to write walking around the classroom glancing at the children's books to see how well they were doing. Suddenly the fire alarm rang. Stelsong stopped seeing children look to her in confusion she sought to reassure,

“Alright stay calm children wait a minute while I check it may just be a fire drill or a false alarm.” She went to the door looking out one or two teachers were also in the corridor, looking confused.

“There wasn’t a surprise fire drill scheduled for today was there?” Stelsong asked one of the teachers. She didn’t detect any smoke or fire as yet, but she had a bad feeling.

“Nobody warned us about a fire drill,” Mrs Kendrix answered.

The headteacher suddenly appeared looking distressed, “This is not a drill everyone please lead your class outside to the assembly point quickly. Stay calm and try not to let the children see you’re concerned. We don’t want to cause a panic.”

Stelsong returned to her class the children all looked at her expectantly she could tell already a few suspected it wasn't a drill. She could see signs of alarm on their faces. “All right children pay attention leave everything where it is and line-up quickly we are going outside,” Stelsong spoke in a calm voice. The children quickly lined up as Stelsong guided them into the corridor. Teachers from the other classrooms were hastily guiding their charges along the corridor. “Don't rush children there is plenty of time,” Stelsong spoke soothingly seeing panic rising in the children. A few children in the other classes showed signs of fear, and one or two of the teachers looked very anxious as they hurried the children towards the exit.

Episode 3

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