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What is it that you feel? What's to bother about? Hmmm. (ENJOY)
We have 5 significant senses. What is it? Who knows. But I have this one thing. I have another sense that is not being taught by any teacher or anybody. I can't say what it is. Even an x-ray couldn't identify the organ of it in my body. Okay, let me explain.
Yesterday, when I was walking along the beach with red sunset beats my soul soothingly I have a spark of something inside me. I mean, I could almost feel it inside my heart as thousand of sentimental pictures spins in my memory cord. And this morning, as I was jogging around the neighbourhood, I glanced a row of fresh colourful flowers dance in the happiness of what I could possibly think.
Are all of this even real? Huh. I bet nothing but only one I could conclude, that is FEELING. No matter what kind of feeling we may experience, that is certain. It may be untouchable but that is what we really feel. It is a different kind of science. It is FAITH. No more "Seeing is believing" or "Touching is believing" even. It's what we believe is what is real. BELIEVE in yourself, FAITH in and FEEL it.
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