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A young woman finds herself stuck in a rabbit hole and needs help from her furry friend.
A 22 year old Woman named Rebecca Johnson was out walking with her puppy named Lucky. Rebecca was 5'11, weighted 140 pounds, had blond hair, blue eyes covered by glasses and wore red t-shirt covering her large boobs and a black skirt which covered up her large bubble butt. "What a lovely day this is", Rebecca said to Lucky as the two walked with the puppy barking in agreed.

The duo then came across a rabbit hole which Lucky quickly jumped inside of. "Wait, come back", Rebecca shouted as the puppy dived in but it was too late. Deciding to follow her four legged friend, the 22 year old stuck her head inside the hole before having trouble with her large breasts, which took some effort to squeeze in before encountering a much tougher problem in the form of her large hips, Rebecca pushed and pushed but they just wouldn't fit. Deciding to give up, Rebecca then tried to back out as she shouted, "Lucky, come here, boy" only to discover she couldn't. Rebecca pushed and pushed with all her might but wouldn't budge, She was stuck. Lucky, having found another way out came across his owner's rear end sticking out of the rabbit hole. "Help me, Boy", Rebecca shouted as she pushed with Lucky grabbing her skirt's hem in his teeth and pulling. Despite the help, Rebecca remained stuck in the hole and told her puppy to go get help.

20 minutes later, Lucky returned with three of Rebecca's friends, Chloe, Rachel and Abbey, with Chloe asking Rebecca "do you need some help?", "Yes, obviously", replied, the 22 year old with Chloe grabbing onto Rebecca's waist while the Rachel pulled Chloe and Abbey pulled her. Lucky grabbed Abbey's dress in her teeth and the four pulled with all their strength while Rebecca pushed and said "ow" due to the pulling. The group pulled and pushed and pushed and pulled before finally Rebecca was at last pulled free of the rabbit hole ,sending everyone flying backwards into a heap.
"Thanks for the that, Girls" said Rebecca to her friends, "no worries,"we couldn't exactly leave you stuck" replied Chloe. "Thanks Lucky, Rebecca also said with the puppy replying with a bark as everyone walked off to begin the walk home.
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