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A clumsy date night, leads to a new adventure.
Reign sits in a booth waiting on his date to appear. He checks his breath, sniffs his armpits, makes sure that no peculiar smells are coming from his body. You know normal first date type stuff. As he sits there playing with his short naturally curly brown hair, a beautiful tall Asian man walks into the restaurant.

"Is that him?" he thinks to himself; looking at the man speaking with the hostess who is pointing at Reign's table. The tall, dark, and handsome gentleman saunters over and Reign clumsily stands to his feet, dropping his wrapped silverware on the floor.

"It's so nice to meet you...?"

"Cosmo," he says smiling, with a perfect set of white teeth, as they shake hands sliding back into the booth.

"Cosmo, that is an interesting name."

"No more interesting than Reign," he rebuts with a snarky smile upon his face.

"Touché" Reign replies, chuckling under his breath as he lets out a snort.

"Oh, wow. I've never heard anyone do that in real life?"

"What?" Reign asks covering his face in shock.

"Snort, it was so cute. You are really cute. You have this super nerdy thing going on. The Malcolm X glasses, curly hair, completely goofy," replies Cosmo, reaching over to touch Reign's hand as he snorts again.

"I'm so sorry. It's a nervous thing," Reign replies, snatching his hand back.

"What are we doing in this boujee ass restaurant? There is a carnival down the street, wanna go?"

"But what about the date?" replies Reign, looking as if he ruined the entire night with a snort.

"Oh, we are going on this date, just to a more comfortable setting," Cosmo says standing, holding out his hand.

Reign looks up into his brown eyes, taking his hand,"What is your real name?"


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