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Rated: E · Short Story · Romance/Love · #2181894
Ominous appearances bring out a date.
Pacing the floor in anticipation, Nadio, a tall nerdy looking, mahogany skinned male, runs the floor down. His black cat, sits atop a barstool, licking his paw, completely unbothered. The doorbell rings, and Nadio walks over, fixes his suit jacket, and answers the video intercom system.


Clouded by raindrops, and heavy fog, Nadio faintly makes out a dark figure.

"Hi, I'm here for Nadio," replies the figure cloaked in a raincoat, and an ominously deep voice.

Nadio buzzes him in. He stands by the door, concerned that he couldn't see the face of his soon to be date. He could be a killer, he could be a rapist, he could be a ...There comes a knock at the door.

Nadio peaks through the peephole, and the figure is still cloaked by the raincoat. Nadio, adrenaline pumping through his veins, slowly unlocks the door. He could want to hurt me because I'm gay. He thinks to himself as the door opens, as the middle aged man take his hood from atop his head, revealing a handsome Chinese/Latino mixed male with jet black hair, almond eyes, and full pink lips.

"Nadio?" he asks looking up.

"Yes," Nadio replies, "You're The Headless Prince?"

Nadio hold up his phone, displaying a gay dating app. The picture displayed a torso, and nothing else. Embarrassed, flushed red, the gentleman replies, "Yes, that's me."

"Come in, I didn't catch your name. Your real name," Nadio exclaims, turning, shooting him a slight smirk.

Blushed, the gentleman says, "My name is Kevin. I didn't want to give my name, because I am new to all this."

"To dating?" Nadio asks, grabbing his car keys. Thinking Kevin was a good distance away, Nadio turns quickly almost running into him.

They stand face to face, taking in the intricacies of one another.

Kevin replies, "Online dating."

Nadio steps back, allowing space to speak. Kevin clearly brushed his teeth, because the scent of toothpaste wafts from his mouth.

"Well there is nothing wrong with that, unless you aren't interested in me?" Nadio says, continuing to stare deeply, and longingly into his eyes.

"Naw, I want to go on this date. You seem like a super independent dude. No lovers I need to worry about, right?"

Nadio walks up to him and gets lip-touchingly close, smiles, and replies, "If there was a boyfriend, you wouldn't be here."

"Touch" replies Kevin, as Nadio opens his balcony window.

As the two walk toward the front door, Nadio looks back at his beautiful, green eyed cat, and says, "Don't get in any trouble tonight."

The cat responds, "Meow."

"Guess he said, you too," says Kevin, with a smirk on his face opening the door, placing hand on the small of Nadio's back.

As the door closes, the beautiful cat jumps to the windowpane, hops down upon the metal balcony, and takes the stairs to the street. As Nadio's car peels out of the parking garage, he honks twice, as the cat prowled the night without a backward glance.

© Copyright 2019 Victor L. Rolling Jr. (vick04041986 at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates have been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2181894