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Still a work in progress if you see any grammar errors... I am sorry. Enjoy!
The Look-See: Legacies #3
         James was the most recent officer hired as the large list of officers with scandals against them rose. He had seen many of his fellow officers and friends go down with the media. The media takes in every piece of intel that the police force gives them and then they spit it out with the melodramatic flare. The media in James eyes is like a riot. The media gathers as much reason to go riot as well as destroy public property for the reason. The media blew-up that case as if it was the most important article of their life.
         When people saw him he was called a racist and a dirty cop, just because the media portrayed him as the bad guy. Now Dale was a softy-- for him, it was either die or shoot the man who was coming at him with a machete… he chose to live another day. When the man’s family got a hold this information that a white cop killed their teenage son, they turned to what everyone does when a white cop kills a armed black teenager.
         The family gathered this information from guess what source? The media. They ignored the fact that the young man had a machete in his hand, the media focused on the fact his friend shot a person of different color. His friend’s life was destroyed by the media's melodramatic flare. Dale lost the job he loved doing so much with a smile on his face every day he entered the station. Dale had lost all the respect from people that he had known-- that he had gained throughout his ten years as a cop… thrown out the window and for what? So they can earn the reputation of being a good investigative news source that takes down corrupt cops. The corrupt cops that try to protect their own asses and try to help the troubled citizens that need
         James and another cop by the name of Chet responded to a call that came from the Wright residence, just as they were just about to get out of work. The men looked at each other as soon as they were about to punch out for the day, they then put back on their uniforms and sped off to the scene of the crime. They swerved into the driveway an hour later with tires screeching to a halt. They both jumped out of the cars with their hands on the pistols grips as they walked cautiously at to the door.
         Chet knocked on the door of the house as I looked around of the house. Chet began to try the door handle to see if it was unlocked. It was locked. I motioned for Chest to break down the door as I leaned up against the frame of the right side of the door. Chet slammed his boot in front of the door with a force that came with a crack as the door fell off of the hinges. The two spread around the ground floor crossing their flashlights and guns, ready for a fight. While James searched the kitchen he looked in the mirror for just one second to see something walk across the opening in the darkness.
         He jumped around and with heavy labored breaths, he walked towards the spot where the person crossed. He turned the corner aiming his flashlight down both of the hallways to see anything or anyone, nope nothing. Before he turned around to see a pair of red fingerless gloves with black-talons wrap around the corner of the wall… sideways.
         James had a bad feeling about what happened in the house as the two walked onto the top floor of the house. Chet stopped at the door to what they guessed to be the main bedroom as they cleared the floor in a hurry. Before the two officers opened the door they both decided to call an ambulance for medical assistance. As soon as James kicked the door down, they were met with an unholy stench waft through the room.
         James croaked out a sob as the scene unfolded around of him, he stared at the mangled body of his old friend. Dale had his left eye torn from the socket as well as his two legs ripped off, he looked as if he had been in pure agony during what had happened. His wife suffered a similar fate as her eyeless head was set on the end table facing the door. Blood was on the walls, floor, and bed, James almost vomited burning bile but shoved it back down his throat.
         When he looked at where Chet’s eyes were he got the icy chill that is followed with a sudden realization. On the wall written in the blood of either Dale’s or his wife's blood was the phrase: If you yourself can not release, then it will come to take a piece.
         That was when he turned to the attention to the wall over the bed and as he thought he began to hear a faint sound of a clock. Tick, tock, tick… tock. He stared at the name written in the blood of one of the victims that had been snuffed out by something inhuman. A human could not do such an atrocity in this manner, yes, there were serial killers that had done various atrocities-- but not like this. That was when he incited the name “What the hell is the Look-See?”
         Just as the words finished his lips, a pair of black-taloned appendages with a flash of red grab the shoulder of the petrified James. His screams echo in pure terror throughout the house as he fumbles for his gun that was still in his hand. Just then the deformed body of Chet dropped to his side, his head rolling on the floor his right arm and left leg mysteriously missing.
         The ticking of the faint pocketwatch was now as loud as if it was amplified by a hundred speakers. James finally manages to get his gun aimed at the space behind him and manages to fire three consecutive shots into the air behind him. He falls onto the ground of the scene of the crime terrified as he did not hear anything except the bullets hit the wall. The room was as quiet as it had been when the two entered, James heartbeat did not stop throbbing as he slowly got up from the floor.
         He mustered up the courage to look behind him with his heart racing inside a track in his check. He aimed his gun in front of him while he turned to see the empty space of the closed door of the bedroom. I really need a vacation, James thought as he turned around to have a heart attack as just inches from his face was the creature. The face looked as if it sewn together with different pieces of skin and flesh from various people. The creature had eyes, nose or hair, the only discernible feature that was easy to see on the creatures face was the crooked smile that covered the portion of the creature.
         James saw the blood-red fingerless gloves covering the palms of the taloned hand, a grey suit worn by time and patched covered his body. The man saw a pocket-watch swaying in the talons of the creature. Under closer inspection, James saw that the pocket-watch was shaped like an eye that ticked quietly. James realized that the ticking was not coming from the watch… it was coming from the gaping maw of the creature.
         The creature abruptly twists the man’s right arm into a pretzel that snapped with a horrifying crack. James screamed and screamed bloody murder as the ligaments in the bones tore as his left leg was ripping from the socket. When the joint finally met their end it tore off with blood pouring out of the wound. The creature slowly rose his claw up to his forehead and dug… dug his talons into the skin. His pained agony echoed in a shrill shriek as the sound of footsteps echoed up the stairs. The paramedics burst into the door seeing the horrifying sight of the man.

         The man was strapped onto a gurney that was rushing through the hospital no more than thirty minutes later. He screamed about the creature as his right arm was bleeding from behind of his shoulder. The paramedics had applied a tourniquet to his missing left leg to stop the stump from bleeding, which was successful. While he was being rushed to the emergency room he saw a blonde woman look at him with horrid fascination. She was holding a piece of paper in her hand and her eyes were puffy from crying. Just as he got out of sight from the blonde woman a doctor poked his head out of the door and ushered her inside the room.
         Before he was carted into the room, he saw two doctors clad in the white rush towards the room that the blonde woman went into. The doctors closed the door behind them as they began to apply sedatives to him. They worked quickly patching up the wound on the forehead with stitches after disinfecting the gauge of course.
         An hour later he woke up from the surgery. James was the only one in the room… that was until he began to hear the ticking from directly under his bed. He thought to look under the bed; however, the creature bent over the bed in front of him with a predatory smile. As soon as he blinked the creature was gone from his sight. James sighed in relief closing his eyes tightly, he was glad for the creature to have gone away and leave him alone. That was until he had a sudden uneasiness wash over him and he thought about something that had been on his mind. He realized in five seconds that he was not alone in the room.
Tick… Tock… Tick… Tock...... Tick
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