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A young girl becomes stuck in a window and must rely on the help of her mother to get out.
"I can't believe that I've ended up in this situation", said 19 year old Wendy Wilson as she pushed her hands against the window sill again and pushed. Wendy thought back at the moments that had led her to her current position. The young girl had just finished up her day at high school and had come home to have dinner and tell her mother that she was planning to go with her friends that night.

Wendy tried to open the front door, only to discover her mother was out and having forgotten her key, she decided to go through the window. While at first stopped by her breasts which took some effort to squeeze in, Wendy's real problems began with her large hips and bubble butt which just simply refused to fit in. "Curse my curvy body", Wendy exclaimed as she then tried to climb back out of the window only to discover her breasts wouldn't fit back through. "Oh come on,Wendy, please don't be stuck", the young girl begged but unfortunately for her, she was going nowhere and despite pushing with all her strength and placing her foot against the wall for leverage, it was no use, she just wouldn't budge.

Now back in the present, Wendy was wondering what to do next when suddenly, she felt something grabbing on to her black skirt and begin to pull.
Surprised after realising it was a dog, Wendy decided to let the dog continue to pull, hoping by some miracle that it might pull her free. Unfortunately, a few moments later, Wendy heard a RIP sound and feeling a sudden draft, concluded that the dog had pull off the seat of her skirt and exposed her green panties for all see, causing her face to turn beet red with embarrassment.

"Can this day get anymore humiliating?", thought Wendy only to discover that it could as she heard a car drive in and after the people got out, Wendy heard a familiar voice, say "hey Jill, isn't that your daughter's butt sticking out of that window?", Wendy realised the voice belong to her mother's best friend, Linda and she then heard her mother's voice say, "Wendy, what on earth are you doing in there?" Feeling humiliated enough, Wendy told the two the whole story and after they finished laughing, they tried to pull her free with Jill pulling her daughter's hips while Linda pulled her waist.

The two women pulled while Wendy pushed but despite the trio's efforts, still the window refused to let go of the stuck girl. Letting go of her daughter,Jill quickly went and got her neighbour, Francine who was more than happy to help after realising it had been her dog, Toby that had earlier torn Wendy's skirt. So a chain was formed with Jilly pulling Wendy's hips, Linda pulling Jill's waist, Francine pulling Linda, Toby pulling the hem of his owner's dress with his teeth while Wendy placed her hands against the window sill and pushed with all her might. Everyone pulled, pushed, heaved, tugged and strained until at last, POP ,Wendy was pulled from the window and everyone flew backwards and landed in a heap on the ground.

"Thanks for your help", said Wendy, over joyed to finally be free. "No problem", replied the three women as Wendy told her mother about her plans for the evening, to which Jill playfully replied, "just remember to change your skirt first", which made everyone laugh as they headed inside.

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