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Motivated by a novel i read and some life's challenges. Not my life's story.
Fly! Fly!
Be like an eagle.
Don't perch inside the walls of your little home.
"Never give in to despair like i did". She had told me.
Don't give up,fly higher!
Even in the open air and sunshine, i felt grief. Mama said God offered me a future and a hope but what does that mean? I asked myself.
Will i wait for him to speak to me from the heavens?
She said "Go", but i don't know where to go. I can't continue living like this, drowning in sorrow and regret.
But what was it that propelled me this far?
I almost forgot, my God!
Yes! yes!
I had wanted my freedom to become what i could be, to want something to call mine...That's it. I remember now!
But sitting and feeling sorry for myself wouldn't fetch those things for me.
"Eagles fly alone", she had told me.
I had grown used to open hatred of my papa and didn't need the love that i never got to move on.
I will struggle alone like always; not dwelling on my miseries.
Have you ever been in love? The lady asked me.
"No!! "why? She wanted to know.
" If my father could find nothing about me to love, i doubt any man will" I had thought.
'Your father's a fool. You may not be beautiful but you're attractive. A woman's hair is her glory.
You have a fine figure .I've seen men look at you.
Travel. Go to where men will see the value of a good woman, not minding if the blood in her veins is red or blue.

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