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Live to love. Don’t die before making your mark
I start too much with I,

Society capitalizes on the self-centered

Hearts colder than third world winters

See I is the problem I is for the winner

but the man who loses it all

Gets celebrated after the fall

After the call

To his momma who never believed

Reliving her own trauma protecting her own seed

Forging his abilities

Pledging her baby will see the light of day

longer than she

Couple knocks later

she down at the cemetery

Hateful energy for every passing memory

Pain to the touch

Watching the flames burn

Victorious hand prints, printing her baby's urn

See the winner is the last to die

The winner lives nervous

The loser dies for a purpose

If I lose it all

Cherish me before the fall

For all my winners,

I'm prepared to give you my all
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