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The almighty jock faces off against a gigantic goat demon.
A crisp breeze caressed her tender feminine ears, bright moonbeams refracted off of her auburn locks, our lips intertwined in an ecstatic dance of fiery passion.

My night was going perfectly.

Absolutely perfect.

I looked into her ocean blue eyes, completely smitten with her.

Nothing could distract me from her beauty, not even the giant shadow enveloping the car at that very moment.

Even when the bonnet of the car was lightly crushed by the monster's gigantic hoof, nothing.

There was just me and her.

It wasn't until the hoof scraped upwards and slammed through the windshield, slowly piercing her sternum as she screamed then slowly moving backwards to pulverise her completely from the waist up and slicing through the lining of my car seat.

I stepped outside of the car and looked up in a rage, this jerk had completely ruined my date and damaged my car.

I did the only thing I could think of, I flipped off that humongous goat legged demon monster and called him out on his rudeness.

"What the hell douche! That was my girl there. You just totally blocked me bro."

You know what he did then?

You know what this giant A-hole did?

He tilted his head back and breathed fire as he roared.

Like who even does that?

So I did the only thing that I could do in that situation, I flung off my shirt and stepped to him.

"Come on fool. Let's do this. Come on, man up!"

I slammed him pretty good with a straight right and saw that it must have hurt him because he reached down with one of his cloven hooves before everything turned white.

When I came to, I felt better than I ever had and this giant prick was gone.

What a pussy.

I knew he couldn't handle me.

Everything was still white and there was nothing around anywhere.

Looks like I won this battle.

Now I just need to figure out where I am.
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