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by Nate
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it's about when two good friends meet up once again
A Friendly Reunion


Actors are

May Winser is a lovely lady however is best friends with Nathan Ahn and one day she decides to come back to see her friends again especially Nathan Ahn.
Nathan Ahn is a handsome man who loves making new friends he is even happier to see his old friends.
Mathew Davis is a director and he likes to see old actors even when May Winser comes back to try again.
The Play starts here

A Friendly Reunion

So May Winser just walked in and is feeling really confused and is willing to try the acting again.

Nathan: hey May how's it going?
May: oh hi Nathan you scared me.
Nathan: oh sorry I didn't mean to.
May: that's okay and I'm doing fine Nathan what about you?
Nathan: I'm doing fine also I did really miss you.
And May gives Nathan a friendly hug.

May: oh Nathan you are still the same guy.
Nathan: well do you want some help unpacking?
May: yes I do thank you.
So Nathan and May leave the lobby and head over to where the trailers are.

Down at the trailers.

May: well here we are.
And May opens the door and invites Nathan in.

May: come on in Nathan.
And Nathan heads inside May's trailer.

(INT) of May's trailer - day.

And Nathan and May sit down on the couch.

May: (looking at all the boxes) where do I even start?
Nathan: well let's start with the small boxes first and then end with the big boxes.
May: sounds good to me.
And soon Nathan and May are done unpacking.

May: thanks for your help Nathan.
Nathan: your welcome hey May do you feel like doing a play?
May: what kind of play?
Nathan: how we finish My Fair Lady.
May: okay let's go and see Mathew then.
And Nathan and May leave the trailer.

Walking the halls.

May: hey Nathan.
Nathan: yes what is it?
May: has anything changed while I was gone?
Nathan: yes.
May: like what?
Nathan: like Fred Rayon is the assistant producer and Alex Parker is the assistant manager.
May: then who is the new producer and new manager?
Nathan: it is Walter Simon as the producer and the manager is Alice Copper.
And soon they arrive at Mathew's office and Nathan knocks on the door.

Knock, knock.

Mathew: come on in.
And they head inside Mathew's office.

(INT) of Mathew's office - day.

Nathan: hi Mathew.
Mathew: hi Nathan let me guess why you are down here?
Nathan: okay guess.
Mathew: you are down here for a play.
Nathan: yes.
Mathew: why do you say that?
Nathan: yes I'm here for a play and I have someone who might be interested in finishing up a play.
Mathew: and who might that be?
And Nathan stands aside.

Nathan: this person right here.
Mathew: (surprised) what is that you May?
May: yes Mathew it's me.
Mathew: okay what kind of play did you two have in mind?
May: well we were wondering if we could finish a play?
Mathew: and do you both remember the name of the play you both want to finish?
Nathan and May: yes.
Mathew: well what is it?
May: it's called My Fair Lady, and do you still have that script?
Mathew: yes I do right here except you both are going to rehearse this again.
Nathan: that's okay.
Mathew: well here it is go to it.
May: bye Mathew and thank you.
Mathew: no thank you for stopping by.
And Nathan and May leave Mathew's office and head back to May's trailer.

Back at May's trailer.

May: now Nathan I hope you won't read my lines again.
Nathan: don't worry I won't.
And they head inside May's trailer.

(INT) of May's trailer - day.

And soon they rehearse the script and soon they are done.

May: well for some that doesn't like romance you did a good job.
Nathan: well then lets head down to stages then.
May: right behind you.
And Nathan and May leave the trailer with the script on the table.

Down at the stages

And Nathan opens the doors.

Nathan: let's finish this play.
Mathew: um Nathan and May, may I have the script please.
Nathan: I'll go and grab it.
And Nathan hurries back with the script in his hand.

Nathan: here you are Mathew.
And Mathew looks at the script and then lets them in.

Mathew: lets finish what we started only problem is we are going to start from the beginning.
And the play starts.

The End

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