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by paige
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Parody Screenplay
Your eyes cross in boredom you want to look away
Just then
Doctor dyke wrinkle upper lip walks in on you just about to fall asleep
Doctor: Are you touching yourself?
You: I... I was just falling asleep
Doctor: that's it come with me
You have to

Step step step step
You both enter her office..
You: what.. IS that?
Points at some U shape with a knob or two sticking off the bottom of a vertical beam.
DOC: doesn't look scary yet does it? Wait
She attaches the crotch sling
You: ..... Please forget I asked please please can I just go to bed please can't I leave this place when you said
DOC: we'll see... Sit
She forces you into the sling and it locks.
Mama said I would never be an inventor mama thought I was an idiot when I invented the lunch box bag combo when I was 5. Unnecessary unnecessary she said about the bag yet you can count your change in the bag.
Youre stupid she said about catching me with the curtains.
But now ... NOW who showed the world one step at a time that we can all overcome embarrassment and be better people thus saving the planet.. Tell me you now there who is laughing now??
Knock knock knock
Doc: you'd think the electrically mechanical part is unnecessary for this sling but from the convenience of my chair with THIS button
You: please no no
Knock knock knock
Door falls down cops walk in
Cops: WHO invented this piece of shit?
Doctor blushes

We have been looking for you

Meanwhile on the corner by the shelter

Please please! Just fo loaf of bread?
Cars pass through lights. Turns red at a green car.
Ha ha:) says panhandler to driver who missed the lights
Next car
Hey hey:) rolls down window.. Oh thank you hey see its my birthday this morning but my mother died while sending me the transfer it didn't process and I didn't get my birthday money I swear its my birth.....
Lights change cars gone
Starts raining

Worst birthday ever I'd say
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