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A young woman finds herself stuck in a tree trunk and must rely on her friends for help.
Sarah Platt was walking around the garden at David's house before her shift at Rovers Return Pub when she spotted a tree trunk and feeling curious, stuck her head inside to take a look. After a bit of a struggle, Sarah's top half was inside the trunk but the young woman was annoyed that the tree was empty with nothing interesting inside.
Deciding to leave, Sarah tried to back out but discovered that she couldn't. "Huh that's strange" said Sarah, "must be tighter than I thought" as she placed her hands against the hole and pushed but still she didn't move.
Now concerned and annoyed, Sarah tried pushing one more time with all her strength while saying,"I don't have time to be stuck,I have to go for my shift" but despite all her efforts, Sarah didn't budge. Now realising that she was stuck,Sarah began to call out "could someone please help me, I'm stuck" but no one heard her.

30 minutes passed before finally help arrived in the form of Sarah's boss,Toyah who had come to find her after she had failed to turn up for her shift. "Toyah, could you please try to pull me out?," asked Sarah. "Of course","I need you unstuck and behind the bar" replied Toyah as she grabbed on to her employee's hips and pulled while Sarah pushed but still the duo couldn't budge her. "Wow, you really are wedged tight in there" Toyah said as she let go of Sarah.
"I know, it's embarrassing" ,replied Sarah, her face beet red. The two then started to laugh before Toyah then ran off to go get help. Just then Sarah heard a familiar voice say"mum,I'm home. The voice belong to Sarah's daughter Bethany ,who had returned home and Bethany found her and asked "mum, what are you doing in there?" Sarah explained the situation and the two started to laugh after Bethany told her mum how ridiculous she looked sticking out of the tree trunk.

Just then,Toyah returned with Eva, Maria and Sinead and a chain was then formed as Sarah explained the situation. Toyah grabbed on to Sarah's hips while Maria pulled Toyah's waist,Eva pulled Maria, Sinead pulled Eva and Bethany pulled Sinaed's dress. "Heave",shouted Toyah as everyone pulled while Sarah said "OW" and didn't move.
"Heave", said Toyah again as everyone pulled even harder but still Sarah didn't budge and yelped,"OW" once again.
"Come on everyone, put your backs into it, Heave",shouted Toyah as everyone pulled and pulled and pulled with all their strength while Sarah tried pushing again after Toyah asked her ,"could you give us a hand?" The tug of war continued until at last POP,Sarah was finally pulled from the tree trunk and everyone flew backwards and landed in a heap on the ground. "Thank goodness for that",I can't believe I was that stuck" said Sarah, overjoyed to finally be free. "I've done a lot in my life but I don't think I've had to work as hard as I did to get you out of there,Sarah!",replied Toyah. Sarah then thanked everyone for their help. Everyone then go up to the Rovers Return pub where Toyah gave them all a free drink to thank after all their hard work.

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