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When things are going great, going terribly, or just going, home is the place to be.

Home is where you can go when you have nowhere else to turn.
Home is where you can be yourself because being phony won't work.

Family carries you on their shoulders when fanfare sounds.
Family closes around you in a warm embrace when things fall apart.

Home is where you grew.
Home is where you can still act like a kid.

Family is the consoler of disappointments.
Family is the promoter of hopes and dreams.

Home is where tragedy and triumph alight.
Home is the haven of comfortable, day-to-day life.

Family is where births are celebrated, and deaths are mourned.
Family is where everything in between takes on meaning.

Home is the cozy place in your mind no matter where you are.
Home is the sense of belonging you try to instill in your kids.

Family is the group for whom you work and study.
Family is the bunch of precious souls you strive to make proud.

Home is coffee brewing and cookies baking.
Home is the aroma of familiar food cooking.

Family will scatter but will always retain that sense of bonding.
Family gatherings are those where you feel as if you never left.

Home is the huge tree in the yard, the one you planted as a kid.
Home is the attic where that toy you loved long ago might still be stored.

Family is where nobody cares if you stay in your pajamas until noon on your day off.
Family are the people who take a picture of you when you finally wear that cap and gown.

Home is where holidays happen.
Home is where it's okay to sing out loud.

Family is alive, and family has preceded us in life.
Family is where we begin and where we end.

Home is where make-up is optional.
Home is the birthplace of random acts of kindness.

Family is a living, breathing blending of lives.
Family endures no matter what.

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