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From the other side - a snippet
She walked in silence down the stone steps and through the low hung tunnel out to the courtyard. All eyes were on her, yet in her mind she was the only one in sight, as she slowly hovered along the solemn path.

A cry went out in the distance, a haunting reminder of the sorrow that comes when near the end of a tortured journey. Her bare feet clung to the rough cobble of the square, almost as if the stones were to claim her for their own.

The pace slowed as she reached the wooden steps that would take her up to the platform. A quick look to the left and right reminded her of the spectacle that was about to take place. The two large men beside her, dressed in black and shielding her from the crowd, bowed their heads to show respect. It was their job. She had no animosity for them. It was not as if they had chosen to be here.

As she reached the top of the stairs she could hear the chanting below her, the cheers and the jeers, the shouts of admiration and the cries of condemnation.

She moved forward, to the edge of the platform, and raised her hands, palms extended, to bring about a hush over the people below. There was nothing to say, no words that could bring about calm within the square. Once everyone had settled, she lowered her arms, stepped back, and nodded to the men who had followed up the steps.

A single white rose was tossed from somewhere above, and landed at her feet. White, the symbol of peace and purity. She lowered her eyes, accepting of the gift that had been delivered to her feet.

She moved to her assigned spot, looked to the sky, and said a prayer. Her arms moved up to the hood of her cape, and pulled the fabric over her head, obscuring her face. It was time. She had been chosen. It was an honor.

Head bowed, the chord was placed around her neck. The lever was pulled. The force of the fall snapped her fast, and it was over.
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