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by Norman
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Time goes slow and time goes fast
Trapped within my quiet room
Silent as a lonely tomb
Nose pressed up against the glass
Time goes slow and time goes fast

         Looking out at WINTER snow
         That lies upon the street below
         Snow so pure, so clean and white
         Children laughing with delight

         How I wish to join along
         Christmas time is filled with song
         Red and green and yellow lights
         Smiles and cheer at every sight

My legs are tired, weak and thin
The game is lost; I cannot win
This wheel chair is my daily hate
I can’t support my body’s weight

                   Soon comes SPRING and with it rain
                   To tap against my window pane
                   Rain that helps the flowers sprout
                   Precious drops we can’t live without

                   I raise my eyes and in my mind
                   Drift images so sweet and kind
                   Of soft cool droplets on my face
                   Memories that I embrace

My friends still visit now and then
But they will just remind me of when
It is a blessing and a curse
Sometimes their presence makes it worse

                             SUMMER follows with sacred sun
                             Shades drawn low ‘til day is done
                             Sun that seeps into my room
                             Beams to chase away the gloom

                             Dust motes swirl in shafts of light
                             Dancing fairies to my delight
                             Soon to fade as evening nears
                             Darkness hides my falling tears

I watch the world as it goes by
I always have to wonder why
What did I do to earn this fate?
I’ve had enough but I just wait

                                       AUTUMN skies are filled with doubt
                                       Bringing winds that swirl about
                                       Gusts that cause the leaves to fall
                                       Colored quilts that cover all

                                       I long for days of cool fall walks
                                       Through meadows that are now just stalks
                                       Confined instead with only dreams
                                       Life is never what it seems

Days are short and getting colder
All that I am is growing older
Time goes fast and time goes slow
I see it all through my window.
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