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Sneaking around my own house because I am embarrassed I just can't give this stuff up.
Bad Habits Die Hard

I've tried to kick the habit,
But no matter how I try,
It's hard to let temptation
Ever pass me by.

In times of deepest sorrow,
Or when I'm feeling good,
I find it hard to focus
On doing what I should

My loved ones know my problem,
And we've had many clashes.
(Luckily, they don't yet know
Of all my hidden stashes).

For when the mood does hit me,
I sneak spryly as a cat
To those secluded spaces
Where my pacifier's at.

But, oh, the degradation
When they've caught me in the act,
And it happens all too often,
Every day, to be exact.

And every time they catch me,
They always make me swear,
To walk the straight and narrow
And avoid the devil's snare.

And so I make another pledge,
Although it's just symbolic,
For I was born and I will die
A hopeless chocoholic.
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