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by Delia
Rated: E · Critique · Opinion · #2182474
She chooses to live
As Blanca walked with two empty water jugs to Jacob’s well, she remembered what happened last time she went to draw water. A group of women ridiculed her failed relationships.

Mocking her a woman said, “Finally, you’ve made a wise choice by not marrying Rueben because this relationship will end like all the others. Maybe when Rueben leaves you it won’t hurt as much because he was never your husband.”

Someone else laughed, “What does she know of hurt? She has caused women in this town great suffering when she enticed their husbands. She is receiving what she has sown.”

Not even your fair skin, hazel eyes, shiny long hair, or even your body shape keeps a man by your side. How does it feel to know that no one truly loves you?” said another woman.

“You’re all jealous! None of your lives reflect holiness either.” Blanca yelled.

Enraged by the women’s comments. Blanca tossed the water jugs, wetting the women. One lady ran toward Blanca pulling her long hair, causing Blanca to fall. While she was on the ground, the other women beat her.


As Blanca headed back home, she thought about her life. The emotional wounds she had surpassed the physical pain she was experiencing.

Why couldn’t my father deal with his alcoholism and anger? Why did he refuse to change? I wish I could remember him speaking kindly or showing he loved me. Maybe if he cared for me as a daughter, I wouldn’t be so messed up.

Taking a deep breath and tilting her head back, Blanca looked toward the sky.

God, the father of our ancestor Jacob, please help me.

Even though her pleading was sincere, her pride and religion blocked her from truly knowing God. Samaritan’s were a mixed breed of Jews and Gentiles. Their religious beliefs were also a combination of both groups. She refused to see the true God because she created a god that would fit her expectations. Blanca yearned to have a man’s love, someone who would bring out the best in her. Throughout her life, she did what she could to experience “love”.

I ‘m not ashamed of what I have done and don’t need to please others. Instead of having to deal with those hateful, gossiping, jealous women. I will go draw water later in the day.

From Heaven, God saw Blanca’s need. But before any healing could happen, she would need to allow God to work in her. Fortunately for Blanca, God was willing to help.


Jesus and His disciples traveled from to Judea to Galilee. When they reached the city of Sychar, His disciples left Him to get food. Jesus stayed behind because He knew God called him there for a divine appointment. Tired and thirsty Jesus sat by Jacob’s well. Blanca noticed Jesus but ignored him because he was a Jew.

What is that Jew doing here? He looks exhausted. I hope He does not speak to me. Those Jews are always talking about God and saying that my god is an impostor. I’m not in the mood to deal with one of them today.

To her surprise, his first words were not about God. But instead, Jesus asked, “Give me water please.”

Confused Blanca responded, “Why are you asking me, a Samaritan woman, for water?”

Jesus looked into her hazel eyes and she felt goosebumps.

She felt like He was looking into her soul. An overwhelming desire to cry came over her. Because she didn’t want to seem weak, she controlled her urge. His stare was not how other man saw her. His look expressed true concern toward Blanca.

Desiring to free her from the source of her spiritual thirst, He peered into her eyes and said, “If you only knew the gift God has for you and who I am, you would ask me, and I would give you living water.”

Her pride would not allow her to completely admit that this Jew could be right.

With arrogance dripping from each word, Balance frowned as she replied, “Sir you don’t have a bucket. Surely, you don’t expect me to give you water from my buckets. Do you think I will find a better source of water than this well? Our ancestor Jacob gave this well to his son, Joseph. We’ve benefited from the water inside the well. Do you think your source of water could exceed the benefits we’ve received from father Jacob’s well?”

Jesus said, “The water from this well will not last because it is a temporary source that only reaches the surface. All who drink from this well will be thirsty again. My water stops all thirst and becomes a never-ending fountain giving people who drink of it eternal life.”

Blanca replied, “Please give me some. I’ll never be thirsty and wouldn’t need to come out here for water.”

Knowing she was not understanding that her thirst was not a physical issue, Jesus said, “Bring your husband.”

She yearned for a man’s love. [It would have been better like this, I so yearn for a man’s love, but I don’t even have a husband.]

She answered, “I’m not married.”

He gazed into her eyes and said. “You are right. You have had five husbands but the one you are with is not your husband.”

When he said that, it was as if an arrow pierced through her heart. She knew that moment that her thirst was not physical, but she needed His “water”. Each of her husbands represented an unmet need or want in her life. She made those needs and wants idols, refusing to live without them.

My idolatry and pride have prevented me from finding a better way to deal with my love issue.

Her attitude changed and she asked him questions about God.

“Why is it that Jews and Samaritan’s disagree on the place of worship? Jews say worship should happen in Jerusalem and Samaritan’s say in Mount Gerizim.”

Jesus answered, “Whether one worships here or in Jerusalem will no longer matter. You Samaritans are not familiar with the one you worship. We Jews know the one we worship and salvation comes from the Jews. The Father will be worshiped in Spirit and truth by real worshipers. This disagreement concerning location will be nonexistent.”

She said, “The Messiah will come and when He does, He will explain this to us.”

He said, “I am the Messiah.”

Mixed emotions emerged as she looked into His eyes. She felt unconditional love and unworthiness. Bowing down she thanked Him for taking the time to give her eternal life. She left her water jugs and ran to tell everyone in the village of Him.

His disciples offered Him the food they brought back. Jesus took this time to teach them about gathering the harvest.

Jesus said, “My food is to do my Father’s work. The harvest time will not begin months from now. Many fields around us a ripened and ready for the harvest. People around us are ready to have eternal life.”

And, after explaining about the woman he had spoken with, Jesus said, “The woman who was here will gather a harvest from her village.”

Blanca reached her village tired and out of breath. Thrilled by her experience with the Messiah, she ran as fast as she could to tell people in her village of Him. She told anyone she met.

“I met the Messiah and He told me everything I have done,” she told people.

A man asked, “Did he tell you about all the men in your life.”

She replied, “Yes, he did. He was truly concerned about my life, but His desire was that I would understand what God wanted to give me. After talking with Him, I realized that I didn’t need a man I needed God. His concern was genuine, and he never belittled me for the bad decisions I made. If he can give me eternal life, he can do the same for you.”

As she went through the village telling people and answering their questions, many believed. They wanted to have what she had. She led them to the Messiah. As they looked into His eyes, they felt unconditional love and unworthiness. Now they too believed in the Savior of the world.”

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