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A reflection on our place in the universe
                   In Significance

An image of the Earth taken from lunar orbit by Bill Anders during the Apollo 8 mission

         I’m merely one among millions,
         part of a fleeting mayfly dance;
         unremarked and unremembered
         when my three score and ten have passed.

         A lifetime is barely a blink
         for a world that circles a sun,
         with billions of years behind it
         and billions of years yet to come.

         Earth’s only a small blue marble
         in thrall to a yellowish star;
         neither especially noted
         in a far-flung galactic arm.

         Sol’s one of two hundred billion,
         just a drop in the Milky Way.
         There may be a trillion planets
         in a galaxy’s full array.

         Our galaxy’s just a fragment
         among trillions that fill the night,
         eternally soaring outward
         in sublime universal flight.

         The universe may be one burst
         in an infinite firework show.
         A multiverse of endless birth,
         realities we’ll never know.

         Trillions of trillions of planets;
         how many where life can hold sway?
         How many civilizations
         where extraterrestrials pray?

         I’m just a pin-point speck of dust,
         and I’m lost in a vast expanse.
         The fact that I exist at all
         seems miraculous random chance.

         A place in this cosmic wonder
         I can claim because here I stand,
         fully part of God’s creation,
         though I’m less than a grain of sand.

                   Terrence G. Fisher © 2019

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