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The Leaves

“Randal, are you getting anything yet?” Joe yelled.

“I can’t keep the vibrations down long enough to let go, see if you can read them.”

“Hang on, I’ll have to come over,”

Joe unhooked his seatbelt and carefully made his way over to the control panel, holding on to anything he could, to keep from being thrown. Just as he got there there was a large jolt, and everything stopped moving, again.

Joe jumped into the co-pilot seat and belted in quickly. “Hurry, these quiet moments only last a minute or two!”

Randal let go of the stick and frantically started turning dials and switches. “I got a destination in, not far but it should get us out of this mess!” Just as he finished talking, but before he could hit the button, the ship jolted and then the vibrations started again. Hanging on for dear life, they both waited for the next calm moment.

When it came, Randal finally jabbed the button, and the ship immediately moved, straight up. They didn’t stop until they’d landed safely on the nearest moon, having determined it was safe.

“Let’s not go exploring on our own again until we finish the course on this galaxy, I think we missed something with that place!”

“I agree!” Joe said, as they finally took off for home.

Back on earth, Tim was out in the yard with Toby, their dog, both were looking up in the sky. “Tim?” said Rebecca from the door, “What are you looking at?”

“I’m not sure... Toby brought me this shiny ball to throw, but after the third time he brought it back, it literally shot up in the air and disappeared!”

“Right,” said Rebecca, thinking Tim was finally getting a little desperate with his excuses for not raking the leaves.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2182585