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Getting dumped on Valentine Day is awful. Just before Vaelntine's Day isn't much better.
It is February and Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and I’m dateless. Again. I would have had a great guy of three years to share it with. But no. He decided to email me his decision to end his relationship with me yesterday evening. Apparently, he felt the time we had spent together didn’t mean half as much to him as it had me. He said he just didn’t see the point in continuing our relationship any further and promptly informed me he was getting back together with his ex and he hoped I was able to move on. Best, Alan. What a guy!

Instead, I got to spend the day before Valentine’s Day taking my new basset hound puppy Bailey to the vet for his shots. Joy. At least I had his love to keep me warm. But it still felt rather lonely. It’s not that I didn’t have a life outside of Alan. I did. But it hurts when you invest so much of yourself and time into a relationship only to blow up in your face. I wasn’t looking forward to Valentine’s day at all.

I glumly looked through the memories we had shared in my old scrap book. I had three of them. One just for me and my besties. One of the family and dad, when he was still alive. And the last of me and Alan. We had so much fun together I just don’t understand how this could happen. I still had that coral bracelet he gave me back in eighth grade. He later told me he had crushed hard on me in middle school, but it wasn’t till high school that he decided to do something about it. What was I supposed to do with the pocket watch I was going to give him tomorrow? He wasn’t ever really that great at keeping time, it was just something he started collecting when his grandad passed away. I thought that was at least something we shared, losing people we cared about it. Clearly, there was still much reevaluating I had yet to do.

In three months, May 22nd, it would be our anniversary. The first I would spend on my own. I wasn’t sure how I would survive this. Who gets dumped before Valentine’s day besides me? Why was it always me? Before Alan, I had briefly been seeing Greg at my old middle school in the seventh grade. It barely lasted two weeks before he basically said my bosom wasn’t big enough and I was boring. And then he went out with my lab partner. The only thing going for her besides, her stupid curly hair was her bosom wasn’t an issue when it came to guys. I was pretty sure it was a major factor to why they even bothered with her at all. But I digress.

So, I made it to the vet in plenty of time. Yeah, team broken hearts! Bailey was so excited to ride in the car, he peed at the vet’s office as soon as we got inside. He was too excited to go earlier. At least the cute guy at the counter didn’t seem that broken up about it. Which was more than I could say about female vet who was doing Bailey’s shots today. I usually got and preferred Dr. David Brown. He was a nice, down to Earth, kind of guy. He was easy to talk to if you needed to. This lady looked like I had just failed some major test in puppy raising. Whatever lady. It was the first time I had been on my own in a while and I was still new to this. Besides, Bailey had been my uncle’s idea after I had made senior year. Not Bailey’s fault if life hadn’t turned out like I had planned, or mine for that matter.

After Ms. Grumpy cat gave Bailey the necessary shots, we were quick to bail. But not before having some parting words with the cute guy at the counter. No way was I letting Ms. Sour Puss ruin this for me. This was a new opportunity for me, and I was going to take it. At least that’s what I convinced myself while dragging Bailey over to him. He was distractedly sniffing at a potted plant. I was concerned he might try and ‘’water’’ it. When I got up there, I completely blanked out. But he was cool about it. I guess this had happened before, so he was used to it.
I wasn’t going to let brain fog keep me from winning this golden ticket. If I could just get some words out, I’d be at least in the ball park. Sadly, by the time I had just managed to start talking, Bailey had started baling at someone’s cat. I chose that time to leave. It didn’t seem I was getting anywhere here anyway. I gave an apologetic smile to ‘’Paul’’ before rushing out the door.

After halfheartedly admonishing a now much calmer Bailey, now that the feline menace was behind us, I let my head rest on the steering wheel. That was the last time I took initiative in going up to cute guys at the vet. I was ready to start up the car and leave when I was startled by someone knocking on the car window. I got out of the car as Bailey became vocal once more.

I couldn’t believe after Bailey’s attempt at ruining any chance of a love life I had left, he was still trying to engage conversation with me. Oh, thank you lord! I promised to make some serious changes in my life after this. Paul had come by to say that he thought I was cute and if I was interested in grabbing coffee sometime? Was I interested? I had to slow down and think about it. I did just get dumped. I told him I needed time to think about it. He said he could wait.

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