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The Ferris Wheel. We love the feel... A Pop-Poetry Entry
Enjoy the Ride

It seems like fate we celebrate
George Ferris’ invention
on lover’s day. Who is to say
that wasn’t fate’s intention?

The Ferris Wheel. We love the feel
as the heights we scale.
A metaphor as up we soar
ignoring love’s travail.

And yet, inside, we know the ride
will bring us back around.
Though we try, we cannot fly;
we will remain earthbound.

Knowing this, we can’t resist -
temptation is too great.
So, climb on board, we’re heading toward
a place where love awaits.

No need to hide. Enjoy the ride
for the length that it may run.
You may stop quite near the top
and feel the warming sun.

So pay the fare. Don’t even care
you may lose more than you gain.
Unlike the strife that is part of life,
in the end, it’s worth the pain.

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An entry for the February round of "The Random Poetry Contest
Prompt: Ferris Wheel
Form: Quatrains  
Line Limit: Min - 12 lines
Line Count: 24

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