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A ferris wheel of fate
“Step right up to the Wheel of Dharma!
The Ferris wheel fueled by Karma.
What goes around comes around and round.”
Hollers the carnie with his thumbs
jammed under the straps of his suspenders.

Eight spokes on the giant wheel.
A gold-painted Buddha peeling
to reveal iron at its center.
Most passersby don’t even know the meaning
of Dharma and assume the image of Buddha
is simply showmanship to exude exotic images
from a strange and far-off land.

What most don’t realize is the clutch of Karma
that balances them in their bucket that seats two adults
or possibly three children (still two tickets apiece).

Bonnie, who gave up her seat on the bus to help
the slow boy with the leg braces
sits in her bucket and giggles on the ride.
In a week’s time, she’ll earn the miniature piano
she has been eyeing in the window of Sal’s General Store.

Trevor, who has been held back for two years
in the tenth grade, and who stole two tickets
from a six-year-old engrossed in his pink halo
of cotton candy, sits in the bucket and broods.
Three days from now he may find that his motorcycle
mysteriously goes missing.

Jackie, the man with too many secrets,
does not meet the eyes of the attendant,
hands him his tickets, and rides the wheel wondering
if all of his secrets will soon be exposed. The dark,
The darker,
And the darkest.
He will not make it through the night.

George, a seventy-year-old who met his love
(long since departed)
at a carnival much like this one
pays for two full rides and the next two
lucky passengers behind him.
In a day he will pass peacefully in his sleep
with a smile on his lips.

“Step right up to the Wheel of Dharma!
A Ferris wheel fueled by Karma.
What goes around comes around and round.”

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