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Love not growing is dying.
Our relationship was rocky like the horror show
We should have listened to the signs of our horoscopes

Or saw it in our palms that our paths would end
But we feared the end, so we held onto the rope

It got tangled -
Twisted 'round our throats
And we both choked
But freedom was the simple act -

Of letting go.


Trying to cling on only made us lose control
And deny the spark was gone
And that our souls were growing cold
We made room for Dependency
Being frightened of Alone
Our angels tried to separate us
Our demons said, "Oh no you won't!"


You could have been free mentally
If you stopped worrying about me.
Love not growing is dying,
It took a funeral to see.

Now in the afterlife
We've willed ourselves not to speak
I say it's all because of you!
You say it's all because of me!

When we couldn't force Love to be how we wanted it to be
We listened to Hate and the advice of his friend, Fear

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