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by Tristy
Rated: E · Fiction · Fantasy · #2182687
This forest fairy has a habit of tricking vampires!
The moon? Where is it? Will it ever return? Or did this little fairy make it angry? She just cannot seem to focus without the moon gazing down on her.

Oh well, maybe she will make an attempt to find the moon again... when it is full and bright. Though, hopefully the full moon would not trigger a nasty bite.

She was out on a rock one night, rod in hand as she was looking down at the calm spring waters. Her full attention was drawn on the wriggling, and she immediately reeled in a nice big jellyfish.

Did she want to eat it? No! She wanted to add it to the little pond outside her tree house, it was empty and she desired a pet.

However, what caught her attention was a sudden...


She heard a sudden shriek on the way to Mushroom Village, the fairy glanced over at a lonely vampire being attacked by a flask of bees. This made her laugh, knowing it was indeed this sneaky fairy who set the trap and got the best of this vampire. Oh, this vampire was an unusual chanter!


The fairy fell onto her back laughing and laughing, it was like she was being tickled until she cried. Although she had fun trapping, she failed to realize this vampire could talk back.

"Did you do this?! Do you want to be fried?!"

The vampire screamed at the fairy, albeit the fairy never found her scary.




"Stupid fairy! I better not see you again, otherwise I will have you for dinner!"

"Is that a flirty invitation?"

The fairy winked at the vampiric woman, intrigued by her threat.

"Ugh, useless creature!"

Bang! The door slammed when the speedy vampire shot inside her cavern, and now all the fairy could think of was yet another silly trick to annoy this creature of the night. This vampire will surely be hurting for a while after being attacked by a swarm of angry bees, and she certainly did not enjoy this type of breeze. She will always be looking over her shoulder to get the upper hand on the next bee that tries to attack. She will also be getting the upper hand on the next fairy that tries to trick.

Perhaps this fairy had a strange crush on the wicked woman? Despite it will be the little fairy that will become pudding...


At the spring beach Tristy met a pretty woman with grey skin and she was wearing a long pinkish dress, and this nymph simply wanted to get to know her. This woman was standing by the chess table under a lone palm tree, and she was just looking out into the far sea. She looked so different and not like any other human in this town, she wanted to talk to this woman albeit she needed to cool down.

"So, do you like flowers?"

Tristy asked the first thing that popped into her head, she believed she was terrible at starting a conversation. Well, she was, she already knew that. It was not often that she would just randomly chitchat.

"I guess I like daisies? I don't know much about flowers."

"Oh? I see. Many don't, interestingly enough."

Just now, she summoned a pretty pink flower that matched the woman's dress, she revealed a little blossom sitting in her palm. It was a flower that was not very common around this town.

"That is my birth flower; my name is Blossom." Blossom mentioned, glancing down at the magically spawned flower and then back up at the fairy-like woman once again. "Well, this was boring. I can't believe I even spoke to you. We don't get enough fairies living here, but last time I was tricked by one."

"Huh? But wait!"

Blossom just walked off, not impressed by such small talk.

"Ugh, fine then!"

This strange woman was very difficult to get to know, Tristy believed. Tristy just shrugged her shoulders and heaved a sigh. She went on to zip off back home, flying high.

There was a notice stuck up on the tree house when Tristy arrived back at Mushroom Village, and it was from the chief of police. What did the police want with Tristy? She has never been contacted by the justice of peace!

"I want to bring in a tough member to the police force, and I know you are quite the skilled fairy for the job. I want you to catch me a mean creature, a pet jellyfish to add to the office's fish bowl. What do you say, Tristy? Will you accept this challenge?" Tristy read the letter out loud, ending the message in a huff. "Can't he just do this instead?"

Well, fishing was most likely not a very suitable hobby for a police officer anyway; it was a very dedicated practice. It was only Tristy that was this active!

With that small and rare opportunity, Tristy buzzed off once midnight hit. Tristy went out to the waterfall up by the military base, attempting to find a fish or two in this quiet place. Perhaps she will, perhaps she would not. Nevertheless, she sat there and just waited for the rod to wriggle. She loved being outside at this time of night, nobody was outside like they are in daylight.

Tick tock,

tick tock,

tick tock.

"Hey, little guy." Tristy noticed she had caught a salamander in this location, and it was her first time ever finding sea life of this creation. "I don't want you." Tristy said under her breath, soon releasing the creature back into the calm water.

Next she tried the small lake up by the witch's tavern, now inspecting this freshwater.


rainbow trout,


and still no jellyfish.

She then went to investigate the park's pond, despite the timepiece has now been getting on for three o'clock in the morning. Where did the time go? Fishing surely was time consuming!

Red herring,


more minnows,

and still no jellyfish.

She tried the pond further east, floating over to this bank to get to the right place. So few ponds in this town and so much time for a fairy to look around.

Rainbow trout,



and now finally she caught a jellyfish! Hurray!

That came at the unexpected moment, and now she had to wait until the police department was open. She made it a plan to come back at the right time later this morning, which will soon be dawning. She flew back home to pop the jellyfish into the pond at Mushroom Village.

Once it was nine o'clock in the morning, Tristy rushed out the door to deliver the jellyfish in the end. Woo!

This new jellyfish was terrifying the criminals and even the officers. No matter, Tristy did as she was told!

"I see you received my letter, that is the jellyfish I asked for." The chief noted, impressed by Tristy's fine work. "Well done, now this will put those rascals in order. Enjoy these seeds, girl!"

Completing a task never felt so good before, Tristy was laughing at the criminals reactions to the fish with the officers. What a good morning spent down at the police station, this really made Tristy wear a rewarding smile.

Tick tock,

tick tock,

tick tock.

Once the police task was finished, the fairy visited the central park this night. This new evening belonged to the supernatural as the full moon shined. With it being full moon tonight, it will surely give this neighbourhood a spark.

"I haven't seen you in a while..." Tristy told the moon, she wondered where it had been all this time.

This was a good time to soothe herself with a magical charm; a spell that used most of her power but kept her feeling relaxed and calm.

"What should I do tonight? Should I summon my fairy friends? Should I feed the foxes in the bushes? Should I find some seeds?" Tristy asked herself many questions, but she was strangely a night owl for a fairy.

"I'm so sorry I had to go the other day, the sun was beating down on me. I find it better to go out at night." Blossom told Tristy, then taking a seat beside her on the bench.

"The sun was beating down on you; what do you mean by that?" Tristy questioned.

"Well, vampires cannot long endure the pulsing beams of the sun. If I stay out in the sun too long, I will burn to a crisp." Blossom explained whilst reaching into her skirt pocket, later pulling out a little daisy flower. "Here, for you."

"What is this for?"

"You like flowers, right?"

"That's very kind of you." Tristy smiled sweetly, looking at Blossom. "So, is that why your skin is grey? Your a vampire, though I feel I should have noticed by your fangs."

"But my fangs show more when it is full moon."

"That is understandable," Tristy snickered. "but why were you out at the beach when you are allergic to the sun?"

"Never-mind that."

Even though Blossom liked it best when other people stayed utterly away, she quite enjoyed this solitude in Tristy's company. After all, it was only mandatory for a vampire such as Blossom to be alone...

"Your hand is cold," Tristy laughed a little as she felt Blossom's hand touch her shoulder.

"And you look pretty tonight," Blossom whispered into Tristy's ear as she bit onto her lower lip. "you always are." Blossom admitted, moving closer to Tristy. "When it is full moon, we creatures get a little crazy and not just thirsty."

The vampire woman just had to steal a kiss from this blonde sweetheart, tasting her lips ever so faintly. She guessed she would kiss her just gently, no matter how much she found her tasty.

"What? Is this what you had in mind at the beach?!" Tristy asked while breaking the kiss, only for her lips to be concealed again.

Oh la-la! Blossom felt frisky this night, which was never an unusual blight. She wanted her first kiss with Tristy. When she tasted those lips, she really felt glowing on the inside. The first hesitant meeting of trembling lips was a memory that will surely last a lifetime. This was the vampire's first kiss and it was with a beautiful fairy woman under the full moon.

"What a fairy princess you are," Blossom whispered a comment behind the kiss.

Tristy found Blossom very alluring, and the vampire gestured Tristy to come even closer, enough to whisper into her ear.

"May I take a bite?" Blossom asked Tristy, gripping the fairy's shoulder even tighter than before.

"What will this bite be?"

"You will see."

Blossom cupped Tristy's cheek and drew a little closer to her neck, soon digging sharp fangs into the nook to have a quick drink of her magical blood. Tristy gasped at the feel, it stung a little but it was also fleeting.

The vampire's thirst has been kept at bay for now, and drinking from a fairy surely gave her a buzz and a half. Tristy found it to be a worthy cause; it was just a small donation to the vampire... but Tristy still found Blossom simply irresistible.

"You know when you told me that you were tricked by a fairy; do you mean you like fairies for this reason?" Tristy asked out of curiosity.

"That is what you get for casting bees onto me that other night, cutie." Blossom blew Tristy a kiss goodbye.

"Oh, oops..." Tristy just remembered what happened back then, and she merely watched the vampire snap back upright into the sky.
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