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by Tristy
Rated: E · Fiction · Fantasy · #2182692
A fairy tale about a mermaid and an elven princess!
Within a magical forest known as Eldon; it was woods owned by a leprechaun.

During the night of a full moon, strange events started to take place as a warship was led towards a parade of rocks. It soon ended with a mighty crash as no-one other than an elven female was stranded on the lonesome isle ahead... unconscious. The isle seemed ghostly, like it had a past; it had a strange feeling to it. The full moon was known to cause crazy happenings, or at least that was what they believed. With being only an elven princess on-board a longship, she must have escaped the crew.

Iridescent scales flashed in the dim light of the water, something moving curiously close to the shipwreck. Whatever it was, it moved fluidly through the sea, quick and graceful. Ripple appeared near the island, a dark and damp head popping up above the water. This creature moved closer, cautious, keeping an eye out for any movement. She found none, but still swam closer while avoiding the debris from the ship. Nearing the rocks, her lime-green eyes fell on a body nearby on the land. With a quick movement, she was about to dart away and flee but stopped herself. They were not moving at all. Were they dead? Swimming closer, carefully hoisting her slender body, she reached a hand out and touched the girl. Cringing, she prepared to flee again but the girl remained unresponsive. Feeling like it was safe; the mermaid began to examine the girl. Lifting her damp, slightly dirt spiked hair, she discovered pointy ears. Not a human?

Not at all human, rather she shared the appearance to one like most humanoid creatures. She appeared to be a rather petite woman, an elf from the forest. She was stranded on an isle that was surrounded by the vast ocean, so it was only mandatory for strange creatures to be lurking about. The girl remained as stiff as a rock, just like the one beside her. However, with this creature prying over her lifeless form, the girl’s body flinched somewhat... though stopped.

The mermaid cringed, tensing when her body gave a little twitch. Since the movements ceased not long after, she remained where she was, inspecting the elf girl further. There was a fascination with her legs, however. The mermaid touched her calf, lifting it gently, inspecting the way it bent at the knee.

Something glittery caught her eye and the curious creature moved her attention to the girl’s neck. Reaching for it, she inspected the trinket and the way it sparkled in the moonlight. It appeared to be an engagement necklace that consisted of a pink tourmaline and diamond brooch. Letting go of it, the mermaid’s curious gaze landed on the girl’s face. Leaning in really close, she peered at the elf’s features. Her delicate nose and lashes, and then the shape of her cheekbones. She was pretty.

Just at that moment, eyelids slowly fluttered wide, although the elf’s vision was blurry for a few ticks. She raised her arms, beginning to rub her eyes with both her dirty hands, soon witnessing what appeared to be a... mermaid. The woman gulped at the sight, she remained speechless as she could only hear her heart thump out of place, but her legs felt pained when she attempted to move. For her own safety, she wanted to flee from the area, though the pain kept holding her back. Sluggishly, she hoisted her torso, palms planted in the sand as she kept her nervous stare fixed on the ocean creature before her.

The elven girl felt a mixture of emotions; fear, and yet excitement. Such a magnificent view, and yet startling. She had heard many tales of evil mermaids drowning sailors after they gained whatever they desired, and one thought had her worried that this mermaid could possibly eat her.

Strangely, her response to the situation was fairly different from her own current muse.

“Do you know of any healing rituals or know how to cure wounds?”

The girl asked, squinting at the pain she felt.

Recoiling quickly from the elf when her eyes shot open, the mermaid swam behind a rock close by. It was the scariest moment of her life but she just sat there, paralysed as the elf girl began to move.

It seemed like they stared at each other for several long moments. When the elf girl looked away, the mermaid darted back into the water. This way she could easily escape if there was a danger, but she still loitered, her head and eyes above the water. Continuing to study the girl, she finally rose up a little further from the water to answer.

“I know your speak.”

As for the healing of the girl’s wounds, the mermaid could do something about it but she decided to do something else instead. Sinking below the water’s surface, she disappeared from view inside the murky water. Swimming down towards the seafloor, she looked for some of the sea aloes that grew there. Returning to the elf, she cautiously held the slimy plant out to her. Arm outstretched in a cautious manner as if the other woman was going to bite her or something.

Eyeing the plant curiously, the woman had never seen a plant such as this before. With caution, the elven woman leaned in to gently pinch the plant from the mermaid’s grasp; all whilst keeping a careful stare locked on the ocean creature. Wary she was, albeit the mermaid seemed... kind... to her, by helping her with her pain.

“Do I eat this, or do I rub it on my wounds?” Alekhya questioned, despite her natural instinct advised her to eat it. “Thank you, I guess. I’m Alekhya.”

Alekhya flashed a friendly smile to the mermaid.

When the elf took the plant, the mermaid pulled her hand away quickly. Her gaze never left the girl, even when she sank lower into the water so only half of her head was visible. To the mermaid, the elven girl seemed to be just as wary of her as she was. Bobbing up out of the water a little more, she patted her arm in answer to the girl’s question.

“It goes on the skin.”

Tilting her head, the mermaid was somewhat unsettled by the smile. She knew a lot of creatures used it as a threatening display, seeing teeth was an especially bad thing if one lived underwater.

“I’m Lunara.”

The mermaid gave her name to Alekhya, still somewhat cautious about her.

“Why are you here?”

Beginning to press the plant down onto the visible wounds on her leg, Alekhya just nodded to the mermaid’s words. She eyed the mermaid every now and then, keeping her gaze fixed on the creature during the moment she treated her wounds.

“Why am I here?” Alekhya repeated the mermaid’s query as if to be questioning it. “My ship crashed here, that’s why I’m here,” Alekhya stated.

Of course, there was a reason as to why she eloped on a longship, but Alekhya was hesitating to confess the deeper reasons to the mermaid. Then again, the mermaid was merely an ocean creature; Alekhya never knew if whether or not she would understand the reason why.

“I’m here... because I wanted to save my life... but I didn’t know a storm was coming. I didn’t even care about the storm, I just wanted to go...” Alekhya shrugged as she finished, she almost muttered her words as she spoke.

Alekhya treated her cuts, Lunara eyed her legs curiously. They looked like they would be horrible for swimming. No wonder so many humans and humanoid creatures drowned in the waters so often, Lunara thought. Looking up as the girl spoke, Lunara gave her a look as if to say it was obvious her ship crashed.

“Why be on the ship then?”

Swimming closer and resting her front against the rocks near the elf. Her body straightened out, her tail skimming the surface of the water. The scales on it were a dark colour but shimmered rainbow hues in the light. Lunara was only able to speak in short, broken sentences but the more she interacted with Alekhya, the more she was beginning to learn to communicate properly.

“You wanted to go and save your life, but only you survived.”

Her lime hues moved from her and then to the floating debris and wreckage from the ship. The mermaid was beginning to relax around the elf, allowing her attention to wander like that.

“Your legs are strange, but I like them.”

Alekhya stretched out her slender legs, wriggling her toes in the procedure. Alekhya was now able to move her legs without feeling the slightest tinge of pain, thanks to the ocean creature. She heeded the mermaid’s comment regarding her legs and giggled in response.

“I take it you’ve never seen someone like me before, huh?” Alekhya questioned, whilst dabbing the plant onto her shoulder, treating yet another bloodied wound. “I can only imagine that you must have so much freedom, being able to swim and explore the ocean, like birds being able to fly.” Alekhya mused as she observed the mermaid for a moment, still wearing such a wide smile along her cherry-pink lips. “But then I have to be grateful for the ability to be able to walk, run, and skip... everything that legs can do.”

As for the warship, Alekhya was not so bothered about it; she simply gave a shrug at the sight of the remains. With that, she could feel the wound on her shoulder beginning to heal. This was some magical plant, Alekhya thought.

“They’re bound to send a search party out soon enough, and that’s when I’ll have to really run for it.” Alekhya clenched her teeth at the unpleasant thought, though she knew she had to bare it for when that time eventually comes. “I’m not very knowledgeable about ships, as you can possibly tell. It was theirs to begin with; I just... used it to get away.” Alekhya admitted.

“Seen plenty like you. None of them alive.” Lunara informed her, watching Alekhya dab the plant on her wounds. “Birds?” Lunara looked a little confused about the comparison.

Alekhya chattered on and the mermaid struggled to follow some meanings to her words. She realised that the land creature liked to babble and make a lot of noise. Being an overly dramatic princess, Alekhya was indeed quite the chatterbox.

“You need to escape?”

Swimming closer, she pulled herself partially up on the rocks.

“Can you swim?”

After the elven woman finished treating her wounds, she had no use for the plant anymore and so thus she left it down beside her.

“I can swim, yes, or at least I think so.” Alekhya nodded gently, ending her utter with a gulp. She was unsure if she could swim or not, though she was eager to try if it meant running away from the area... and her captors.

Able to move her limbs with ease, Alekhya slowly crept towards the sea and felt a cold shiver trail up her spine the moment she touched the seawater with her bare foot. Even though Alekhya knew the ocean was the mermaid’s natural habitat, she still wondered how the heck Lunara could even live underwater without freezing to death.

Lunara watched the girl, amused by her nervous behaviour. With her creeping closer to the water, Lunara moved back to give her room. Alekhya seemed uncomfortable with the water and she realised that the water was probably cold to her.

“Cold?” Lunara asked the girl, swimming closer again. “Here, come.”

She would have to help Alekhya travel further from this place. Most likely as quickly as she could so the elf girl did not catch hypothermia. In fact, she probably would not even be able to swim in the frigid water; her muscles might refuse to work.

“I’ll help you.”

Reaching a green hand up to Alekhya, the mermaid offered to aid her. The night was far from over and it would get even colder soon. It would be deadly for them both if they did not hurry.

Floating over to the mermaid as her body glided through the water, Alekhya extended out a hand and soon greeted Lunara’s hand with a firm grasp. She could feel the cold aqua already begin to operate on her body, though she managed to tolerate the temperature at this minute. As she was approaching Lunara, she could feel her feet hesitating to leave the rock’s surface beneath the water. Alekhya shuddered at the mere thought of possibly drowning, especially seeing as she was never all too experienced with swimming in the seas.

“Thank you...”

Alekhya muttered, though her voice sounded unnaturally loud. In fact, their entire conversation sounded just as loud, but never sending echoes here and there other than the paddles in the seawater. They were in a quiet area after all, and the time of day also played a role in it.

The mermaid cringed at the loud voice, closing one eye and shrinking back a little. This land creature was proving to be very obnoxious.

Finally gripping onto the mermaid’s hand now, Alekhya gulped in response to the touch and the feel of Lunara’s hand. Never had she once touched a creature in the ocean, not even a common fish, so this was a new experience for her as a whole. Her hand felt eerie, scaly, but Alekhya never really cared.

“Let’s just go... anywhere... anywhere far from here...”

Why did her curiosity have to–

Alekhya took Lunara’s hand and the mermaid’s heart thudded hard in her chest. The skin was so warm and soft; it took her completely by surprise. It felt so pleasant. Blood rushed into her cheeks, blushing for the first time in her life.

“Yes,” Lunara’s voice sounded guarded and wary. “Let’s go.”

Carefully she began to swim, leading the elf with their joined hands.

“I have an idea,” Lunara paused in the water, glancing back at the elf. “Hold your breath,” Lunara advised, all whilst pointing to her own lips before continuing. “I’ll swim you to a new island.”

If she held the other girl close and carried her through the water, they could get to the new destination fairly quickly.

Just by the mere sound of those words, Alekhya was somewhat worried about this idea that automatically sprung in the mermaid’s mind. She wondered where in the sea the mermaid was planning to take her, and whether Alekhya was destined to breathe her last or not. Perhaps that was just worry, and nothing to fear. If anything, Alekhya was definitely up for a journey beneath the water, especially since it would also mean fleeing further away from the tribe.

Alekhya quickly nodded in response to the mermaid’s words, her teeth slowly beginning to chatter due to the icy seawater operating her almost bare body. She only had a dress on, after all, rather skimpy by appearance. She never wore anything snug or even a swimsuit which would be ideal right now.

“Where is this new island?” Alekhya eventually spoke, asking her question in between breaths.

Gripping onto the mermaid’s hand even tighter than before, despite the foreign feel. It was not every day one would hold a mermaid’s hand, and Alekhya found it difficult to believe she had even met a creature of the ocean. It was all too strange to be real, but then this world held many mysteries anyway. Alekhya still wondered if whether or not she was currently in la-la-land.

Turns out it was far too soon; the crew were already searching the seas.

The heavens cast a ghastly shadow over the woodland of Eldon, soon beginning to cascade with hailstones at the mere clap of thunder. The tides were high in the sea, which was accompanied by heavy waves and even whirlpools. It seemed like the time has dawned for the crew’s search to begin and thus dominate the night for as long as they wished. Crew members raided every other cave they came across, finding nothing but a dead end. They were searching for Alekhya, the princess of the crew, albeit they were down on luck so far. Torches lit up the longship as flashlights were searching in every direction, lighting up the sea path.

While Lunara took up a quest to evacuate Alekhya and herself from the region, Lunara’s sisters decided to rid the Vikings from the Mermaid Kingdom. Oh, they were ready! Many mermaids glided through the water’s surface, circling one of the only ships that entered the province. The show began when one mermaid sprung from below, immediately snatching a member from the vessel before diving back into the deep sea. There were a swarm of mermaids beginning to tear the wood to shreds, seizing any human they could find along the way. The water surrounding the longship later formed into a bloody mess. A few of the crew members fought back, one slashing a nearby mermaid’s tail with an axe.

It was just fortunate that Lunara discovered an underwater tunnel in order to flee from the commotion above, and so thus she chanced it with hope there would be a safer area on the other side. She could hear the calls of her sisters in the upper story of the ocean, but she knew they were tough enough to eliminate the crew on their own. Her sisters were far from weak. For now, Lunara had to protect Alekhya; she promised to keep her out of harm’s way. As they entered the gloomy tunnel, a band of jellyfish shot out within seconds, thus giving Lunara the impression that there were merely small ocean creatures dwelling within these crooks. Perhaps they were hiding from predators. Alekhya was frightened, despite she felt safe in Lunara’s strong arms.

Will they follow?

Alekhya pondered, the only worry dominating her poor mind. The sea was endless and Alekhya already knew the crew was never exceptionally talented at exploring beneath the water...

Out of the blue, a mysterious woman materialized upon a rocky isle as she now rose her arms, making the attempt to use her power in order to control the Viking warship. A dark, expanding orb lit up between her palms as a violet web enclosed the dark globe. The orb almost resembled a black hole, though a mirrored image of the longship shone within the centre. All her remaining energy was stored as an overdrive, like as if she was already waiting for this moment to occur.

The longship rotated in the direction of the strange woman, as screams warned the many mermaids to elude from the area. The mere sound of her sisters’ calls caused Lunara to pause for a moment, as she cast a fleeting glance over her shoulder in the process. Not only was the sky cascading hailstones, but the clouds were merging with the seawater and thus creating one hell of a tornado on the sea. Lunara was somewhat startled, though she knew exactly what sirens were capable of. As Lunara averted her stare to the tunnel once more, she witnessed a vortex beginning to develop in the centre. With that, she knew she had to swim fast!

Crew members were tumbling off the edge of the ship and diving into the water below while some remained seated, even though they knew what was bound to happen. The woman ahead appeared to be rather captivating as her long black robe danced with the airstream; it was just unfortunate that she was evidently a cold-blooded killer. Despite all mermaids had to withdraw from the area, there was at least one that leapt up from the water’s surface purely to snag a visible crew member from the longship yet again. After all, dinner had to be served beneath the water.

Just when the ship neared the parade of rocks, the woman immediately vanished and there was no sign of her anywhere.

The vessel soon ended with a mighty crash and folks either drowned or were left unconscious on the rocks. Vikings knew never to enter the Mermaid Kingdom, regardless of their reasoning. Mermaids were fatal to them. The minute the ship crashed, it later burst into a blinding light that left behind a piece of jewellery that was known as a sorcery amulet; it was a stone attached to a thin chain... a necklace. However, it merely sunk into the water where it was quickly taken by a curious mermaid. She found the jewellery insanely beautiful. Perhaps it belonged to the princess of the ship? Well, the former princess.

Lunara helped Alekhya out of the sea, especially seeing as Alekhya was exhausted from this day’s adventure. Alekhya was crippled for sure. As she reached the land, she immediately collapsed onto her back while Lunara followed behind, and the mermaid took full advantage of this moment and rested her head onto Alekhya’s chest. She listened to the elven girl’s heartbeat with awe; dazzled by the mere sound and vibration. Lunara somewhat hoped the morning would arrive slowly, purely due to this one precious moment.

This island was rather bland and lonesome, and not to mention quiet. The view of the forest ahead appeared dark with tombstones scattered here and there, and even a band of mist enclosed some of the trees. Dark clouds were still sealing the heavens while hailstones continued to gush onto the land, and thus flooding some areas of the vast woodland. The two girls were far too drained to travel back to the Elven Village now, and Alekhya had already fallen asleep.

Oh no, there was trouble on the way. A couple of hyper pixies were darting through the woodland and eventually the pier beach, laughing while they chased one another. One pixie soon bumped into Lunara’s shoulder, and the second pixie bumped into the other. They were now dizzy and decided to cuddle up on Lunara’s shoulder, later dozing off.

Pixies were known as the troublemakers of the forest, tomboys that always tormented and laughed at passing explorers and villagers. They were much smaller than typical fairies. Many forest folks had fears of pixies. It was just fortunate they resided in the open forest and not in any villages or lagoons.

Finally, back at the Elven Village, one of the elders congratulated Lunara for bringing Alekhya back safe and sound. Despite the elders never knew of the events that took place, though they did notice Alekhya was absent from the village. The elf was not allowed to leave this sanctuary, but thankfully she was forgiven when she confessed the truth about being kidnapped by pirates.

“Thank you for taking the time to help Alekhya, young mermaid. This is a necklace I made a while back, using relics from my last hike,” the elderly woman handed the piece of jewellery to the mermaid, smiling. “I want you to have it.”

“Are you sure?” Lunara asked, surprised. She held out both her hands in order to take this one fortunate gift. “That is very kind of you, thank you!”

“Believe me, you deserve it.”

This necklace spoke to Lunara in a way, like as if she could almost feel how the elderly woman felt... grateful to the point of giving in return. She had such a kind heart. As Lunara held the necklace up to the sunshine, she viewed emerald jewels and could almost hear the woman thank her another time.

As a token for helping Alekhya return to the village, the elder decided to give the mermaid a place to stay and thus give her the village river to call her home.

Not only that, Lunara finally confessed her feelings to Alekhya, claiming to be in love with her. From mere strangers to lovers, Lunara deeply cared for Alekhya.

Whilst Alekhya drew closer to the river bank, the elven woman swooped down to her knees and gazed at her own reflection in the water. Within seconds, she witnessed a familiar figure approaching her from below, soon appearing out of the water as arms swept Alekhya off from the grass. Lunara’s arms were draped about her torso lovingly, dragging Alekhya into the water as she did so.

Alekhya laughed.

“Lunara, you’re getting me all wet!”

Her lengthy green tail rose up and then splashed into the seawater, causing a cascade of tears to dash over both their heads. Lunara later leaned inward to plant a loving peck onto Alekhya’s cheek, her lips widening into a grin in the process.

“I promise to keep you safe from now on, princess.”

With that, the two lived happily ever after in the Elven Sanctuary.

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