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by Tristy
Rated: E · Fiction · Fantasy · #2182696
Silly fairy tale about two mermaids, a magical ring, and an octopus mage.
“It dances and skips, it’s read in the eyes but it cheats with the hips. If it meets its match it’s easily caught, but it’s worth nothing if it is bought. What is it?” Riddler, the octopus questioned, as he gradually swayed his many tentacles to the beat of the steelpan.

Melodies were often played on the steelpan at Mermaid Kingdom Town.

The mermaid watched as her little friend flapped its fins and swirled around excitedly, though that was not exactly the clue. The small beluga whale was merely dancing to the music, Alysia knew this.

“The heart,” Alysia guessed as she folded her slender arms under her chest.

“Correct. I last forever and you might have too much or too little of me, either way, you will run out of me eventually. What am I?”


“Try again.”

“Could it be time?”

“Correct. You can swallow me, but I can consume you too. What am I?” Riddler tossed another question, but this time with a hint. “I also come in a variety of colours, such as the rainbow.”

“Oh, gay pride!" Alysia squeaked with a wide beam painting her green lips, and this time she no longer had her arms crossed over her chest. “I do hope we have a gay pride event at Mermaid Kingdom Town!”


“Hm, is it just pride?”

“Congratulations, young Alysia, you have completed this challenge. Now, take this reward and go to the dance, she will be waiting for you with a warm heart and pride. Don’t waste any time. Also, don’t forget she has a rainbow tail.” Riddler said with a charming chuckle, now vanishing with a piercing green glow as he left behind a pearl ring.

Ooo, fascinating!

Alysia quickly slipped the pearl ring on her middle finger as she soon fled from the area, her silvery tail sparkled with a radiant glow each and every time she swam. She really hoped this worked and was not just a stupid hoax.

Later appearing at the town ballroom, Alysia was with her whale companion where she noticed a gay pride flag attached to a lengthy coral tube, which was really just six strips of seaweed dyed different colours. She was amazed by the sight, like as if her dream had already come true.

The beluga whale swam behind the mermaid and immediately gave her a gentle nudge as it whistled in alarm. It gave her a push the second time.

“Hey, quit that!” Alysia groaned, rubbing her poor rump.

It then gave her another nudge, still flapping its fins. It was a cheeky little beluga whale.

“Bella, stop it!”

Alysia felt a poke on her shoulder, she soon turned around to greet a beautiful ginger-haired mermaid that indeed had a shimmering rainbow-coloured tail like Riddler described.

“Would you like to dance with me? I feel lonely,” the ginger mermaid asked politely in a soothing tone, holding out a hand in the process. “I’m Estuary, by the way.”

“Ah, of course...” Alysia hesitated somewhat.

“We can get some tasty morsels for dinner, too.”

Alysia held her hand and shyly nodded to her words, despite she was never particularly keen on morsels.

“I forgot to inform you, this mermaid will vanish when the ball finishes.”

The voice of the octopus spoke in her head, she now understood what the octopus meant by time. Alysia definitely knew that after this night she had to find a girlfriend that was indeed real and not simply an illusion created by an octopus.

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