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by purity
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life after death
during my first year at college , at fall season , and in a cold windy night laying in bed listening to my favorite song , there goes LP singing < live until we die > I told to myself what if we can live even after we die , what does life after death looks and feels like . I had thousands of thoughts that night until I fell asleep . I had a dream that was so vivid . I can hear the voice of a baby . he looked at me and asked my name . I was startled and I asked how old he is . he smiled ironically and without a sound pointed with his hand to a vast land covered with thousands of lavender plants and from a long distance you can only see a purple sea . < in dream dictionary this color signifies the end and a baby is a newborn , a new beginning > . and through my attempting to find out where does this sea of lavenders lead to I found myself at the entry of a factory . with a big doorplate written on it ( baby's factory ) . could this be possible ! can people nowadays order babies instead of having them on their own ! as I took a round in the factory I noticed different shapes , colors , looks of babies are made . and what was really eye_catching is that most of them didn't have detailed face features . I asked one of the workers in there and he said that is because a lot of people are not sure of what their babies should look like . and that's when I woke up to a thunder and the dream ended .
an explanation : the story tells that the end of our lives on Earth doesn't mean we won't have a life after death , but because , we are so clueless as human beings we chose not to think about it , creat your own after life , because it is the eternal one !
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