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Just some overthinking..
Who are you? Really? Who's this guy? The one smiling playfully to any by-passer but still cries himself to sleep every night? The one who loves socializing yet his biggest dream is to sit alone in the dark and listen to his favorite music? If you can answer this question and tell me who you are, then tell me why are you like this? To be more blunt, what makes you YOU? How did you end up like that? All these contradictions and opposite attitudes, are you a hypocrite? Or are you just insane? But wait a second, we all are. Who doesn't contradict himself?! We all say what we don't do and do what we don't say. So, it brings us back to: "why are we like this?".
In my opinion, human brain is the savior and destroyer of our beloved universe. Imagine what could've changed in your personality if you would've been through different circumstances in your childhood. That's what shapes your personality, right? The things you go through.
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