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by E rose
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Steampunk · #2182763
Description of a store scene, no dialogue
The shop seemed a bit grimy. Not like one of those chop shops you see in the old earth classics like that one Star Wars, or whatever it was called, but more like an antique store. It had that musty feel and aura of the senescint, added to by the lack of proper dusting and moth ravaged drapes which hung tattered from the sealing. Hunt found the dim lighting and worn pasiiian rug to be comforting in a way; they gave the shop an air of sophistication he felt befitting their reputation. You see, as Gnut often explained to travelers, if you go into a shop and the interior is all nice decorated, their products are probably shit. They try to swindle you by displaying the merch in a fancy way, maybe even serve you a drink to make you feel like your getting something exclusive. But no, if a man is selling real product, he knows his items are value and why would he care about the ambiance? As a rule of thumb, he would recite, the more run down the place; the better the wears. If the salespeople were rude and said something along the lines of "buy something or fuck off", you also knew what they had was legit.
The design of the store was somewhat anachronistic, however. Although there were definitely some rare components that were quite old (a relative term since a new gadget on one side of galaxy might be years before reaching another sector), the most valuable merchandise was cutting edge tech. The latest and greatest, from all over the galaxy, expedited via hyper gate only to Gnuts Goods at Port of Davio on the Elusian cost of Bordan, sector V6.
Some of the merch was so complex, Gnut couldn't imagine what it might be used for. Some of the tech was so new it was still experimental and technically illegal; not that any authority would be able to recognize that unless they themselves were nanomehanical engineers. In fact just the day before he had sold an entire ("stolen") carton of pen looking objects that could teleport a person directly to any location in a two mile radius with about 59% accuracy.
The other 41% of the time the user of the item simply imploded, the liquid from their body rapidly evaporating with the solid structures remaining as a condensed 1 by 1 cube of skin and bone.
But hey, people want what they want right?
That was nothing though, today was supposed to be a real game changer, something big. Gnut didn't know exactly what it was, only that it was worth a shit ton of money and he was getting it for scraps.
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