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by E rose
Rated: ASR · Fiction · Sci-fi · #2182765
Sets up a scene, no dialogue. This was written on notes, I don’t have spell check sorry.
Zooming in, the picture of the grotesque statue fixed on the screen. The chair and shard of deck it was attached to seemed perfectly preserved, along with the man’s uniform which still shown it’s bright colors. The man himself, however, was barely distinguishable, his skin shriveled and blackened after centuries of slow cooking in the cosmic rays.
Harris was reminded of an untapped Egyptian mummy he had seen on display once at an exhibit on early human history as a child. His mind wandered as he considered the prospect of old horror film type mummies somehow gaining space tech, leaving their tombs for the stars. Perhaps even a crew of mummies, captained by some Pharos, in search of a living world to concur in the attempt to reestablish their lost empire.
Maybe he would program such a scenario for his game simulator module, adding a twist to the classic space zombies theme.
The corpse drifting toward the starboard receiving bay had belonged to John T Perry, an austonaut on one of the early deep space missions. Due to some accident the ship had basically exploded, sending fragments of crew and ship at high velocities in every direction.
Even though data from the explosion had provided an accurate prediction for the trajectories of all fragments, with the recourses back then it would have been impossible to implement any retrieval operation. Nearly two centuries later, the expansion of the inter spacial network and methods for faster travel had finally allowed humanity to catch up to its lost traveler.
These advancements afforded many luxuries and it had been made a priority to reconcile earlier failures in whatever way possible, starting with Harris’ current mission to track down the remains of the Apollo X crew and return the to the decdead’s family; now consisting of grandchildren and great grand children. The reception would probably not be overly emotional, but would serve to instill pride in the voyager׳s descendants, providing honor to the memory of their sacrifice.
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