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by E rose
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Sci-fi · #2182767
Scene set up, no dialogue. Written on notes sorry about spell/grammar check and spacing.
There were tales about the villages; or more like horror stories. Aside from there lack of civilization and purposeful scorn of technology, much was told about the kinds of people who lived in these paces. It was said they were all psychos.
Not the criminally insane, people who were to be locked up in proper facilities, although that was the way they were portrayed. But it was sure that such people had perverse mental illnesses. What else would spur them to live in such a society?
It was said that these people had been forced to leave because of disorders like schitzofrenia that made them antisocial. Another theme was that of weird sexual fetishes- acts that even the most specialized mate would not degrade themselves to perform.
In a way, it was good that these people had there own place. Such iniquities would always be present in the human condition, despite the dwindling percentage due to genomics and the influence of proper societal structure. However due to there psychopathy these people could not function enough to adapt into normal society.
The society of telios, the one James had grown in, the one everyone he had known or could no had grown in, was based on certain established standards. These standards were accepted as those that every individual human would desire in order to achieve happiness and self worth. Most of these were obvious- the wish for prosperity, safety, a family if one wished, a mate..
Others were not as latent and had taken a long time to truly define. These were more abstract goals of self actualization, such as the ability to contribute to the world, the ability for personal growth, achievement of status among ones peers. Together these basic "societal goals" we're summarized as the rights to "community, self worth, and achievement". These summarized all the non physical desires a human could have, an axiom that was memorized by all children at a young age. The axiom for the rights to ones physical desires had been established sometime in the distant past and was still held as "health, wealth, and happiness".
Strange sexual desires however, were not considered the norm and had no place in these basic rights, and no place in society.
Even if a human was not hurting anyone, no one would feel comfortable knowing their neighbor was performing strange rituals. A presence of such manevolence within the midst of a community would surely disturb the natural order, and have a net negative affect on society. Such things were, therefor, expressly forbidden. Discovery of such acts would lead to institutionalization. It was said that such people, rather then face caged life of a psych word, fled. Others fled because there desires overruled all their other human instincts. But what James felt was not a desire. How could love be a psychological condition?
It was something tangible, something he felt not only in his head or perceived in his heart, but something that was part of his being. Yet dispite mental effort there was no way to rid himself of it... And he did not want to.
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