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by Jacky
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Flash Fiction
His Father’s Son

“So, this is your fault?” Dad said, arms crossed looking at his son.

“No! I was emptying the wastebasket, just like you told me to. And I thought I could empty all our wastebaskets if I carried the kitchen one around and emptied them all into the one but I missed the one in the TV room. But by then the kitchen one was full so I set it down by the door and ran to get that TV room one. Then when I went in the TV room, Rover was pulling all the toys out of the toy box! So I scolded him and sent him out and picked them all up which is when I noticed somebody had tossed a puzzle in and all the pieces were all over.

“You know how Junie gets so upset when any of her puzzle pieces get lost, so I stopped and pulled them all out, then I made the puzzle to make sure I got them all, I did. Then I put all the toys back and grabbed the wastebasket but there was something sticky in it. So I ran to the kitchen and emptied it then went in the bathroom to wash it out in the tub but Junie’s baby toys were all over the tub so I had to pick them up first, then I washed out the wastebasket. And then I went back to empty the trash but Rover had strewn it all over the kitchen floor!”

“So, you think this is Rover’s fault?” Dad said.

“No,” Kit said, “This is all your fault...”

“Me!? How do you figure that?”

“Because you’re the one who told me to empty the wastebasket.”

Listening from the kitchen door Mom thought, ‘Definitely, his father’s son...’

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