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a band breaks up but are still friends but stuff happens...
One day on a sunny morning, Daniel, Zach and Jack were walking through their town. They were recognizing people but the people didn't seem to like them. Daniel went ahead and said, "do they not like that the band ended?". Zach replied, "but we're all still friends". A person walked by and said, "it was called Why Don't We but it should be called, We Broke Up". Corbyn walked over and snapped back, "If we're broken up, is that why you got divorced?" Jonah, Zach, Jack and Daniel all say, "ooooooooooooh. Someone got roasted!" The person gets mad and says, "Bye bitches. Keep fucking up your life." Corbyn steps in and walks right up to him, "Maybe we would still be a band if people like you didn't get in the way. And plus, I know why your wife divorced you. It was because our band broke up because of you". Corbyn spins around and walks off. "Should we follow him?" asked Jonah. Corbyn yelled, "we're getting the band back together!". All of the boys screamed of happiness and they all ran to the tour bus and hopped on. They drove past random fans but none of them wanted to see or talk to them. "What did we do to anyone?" Zach questions. "I don't even know." Jonah replies very confused. Aspen walks over, "We really need to get the band back together". "That is very true Aspen. We need to listen to you more" Daniel said. "Uh hey Aspen" "Yeah Dani?" "So umm uhh will you be my girlfriend?" Aspen gasped so loud. "Of course I would Dani. You're so cute." Daniel smiles and then hugs her. "But you're cuter and better looking so there." Aspen turns around and kisses him. They make out for a while and the others just leave. Jack says, "And I thought that he was gay". Jonah looks him in the eyes, "That's what we all thought" "Even the fans?" "Yes Jack, even the fans". Daniel runs over and looks at Jonah and Jack. "I'm bisexual if you haven't noticed". He runs off with Aspen. He didn't know that Aspen heard what he said. "So you're bi?" "Uh yeah. I just didn't want many people to know". Aspen looks at him weird. "So how many people know?". "Like 5 now. It used to be zero." Aspen walks away. The other boys walk over to Daniel. "Are you okay, bro?" Jonah says while tapping his back. "I don't know if I'm okay or not. I loved her." A tear runs down Daniels face. Corbyn walks over to him and hugs him. "Dorbyn for life bro." Daniel starts to smile. "Thanks bean." "No problem Dani." Aspen walks back over. "So you weren't lying? We're over!" She storms off. Daniel yells, "Yay she's gone!" All of the boys laugh. "That is one way to handle a breakup." Jonah says while laughing. "We all accept you for who you are Daniel James Seavey." Daniel says loudly, "that's my full name!" "Yep." Corbyn smiles at the boys. "We should get our band back together." They all scream, "YES!" Zach starts running around and going crazy. All of the boys start laughing. Aspen walks back over to the boys. "dani?" she says quietly. "yeah??" he responds. "Will you be my boyfriend?" Daniel gasped WICKED loudly and he hugged her. "YES I WILL!" they kiss and then start to make out. Corbyn says to the boys, "let's give them some alone time". They all agree with him and they all walk off. Many hours later Jack gets a call from Daniel. "What's up?" "Well umm me and Aspen got engaged!" Jack says weirdly, "So Daniel." Daniel replies nervously, "Y-yeah Jack?" Jack takes a deep breath in. "Aspen has a boyfriend you know." Daniel stands there for a second and just starts crying like crazy. "Please come to the house dani. I want you to be okay." Jack says worried. Daniel replies sobbing, "I'll be there soon." He hangs up. Jack turns to the boys. "He's on his way." All the boys are silent until the doorbell rings. Jonah walks to the door and opens it. Daniel just hugs him while crying so much. "You'll be okay bro. You have us. I'll get the other girlfriends to beat up Aspen." Daniel looks at him and smiles. "Thanks Jojo." "No problem bro." They walk over to the rest of the boys. Zach walks up to him, "Are you okay?" Daniel looks at him. "I'm always okay because I have you guys but you are my favorite." Zach smiles at him. "Are you serious?" Daniel hands him a phone. "Yes. Yes I am." Zach smiles so much. "Awwww my little zachy poo is blushing" Says Jack. Zach says back, "Stop baby." Jonah says, "You guys are dating?" Zach and Jack look at each other. They run so fast but they crash into each other and fall. They die of laughter. "This is why I love you bro. You're just so sexy." Jack kisses him and they make out for a while. Jack says to zach, "I'm marrying you one day by the way." Zach replies, "I love you jack." Daniel comes over and says, "awwwwww the couple reunited!" Jack and Zach start laughing. "I'm glad we're still friends. I still get to see Zach!" Someone knocks at their door. Jonah yells, "Who is it?!" The person replies, "It's Aspen." Gabbie and Tate come over. "Should me and Tate attack?" Daniel replies to Gabbie with, "Yeah. Go ahead." The girls go outside and attack Aspen. She yells, "What the fuck did I even do?!" Gabbie looks at her deeply and says, "You cheated on Daniel." "The only boy I've been with is my brother." Gabbie and Tate get up and walk inside. They both say to the boys, "She's been talking to her brother." Everyone looks at Jack. "What? I didn't even know she had a brother." Daniel looks at him crying and said, "I did know. If you had described the man then I would've known who it was." Jonah walks over to Jack. "Little boy, you need to make it up to him." Jack walks over to Daniel. "Let's go and buy lots of apple juice and watermelons." Daniel gasped and got up and ran straight to the car. He yells, "I LOVE YOU JACK!" Jack laughs. "Same Dani boy." Aspn walks in. "Hey baby." Daniel runs over to her and hugs her. "I'm sorry Aspen. Jack told me you were cheating on me." Aspen smiles at him. "At least we're engaged." Jonah runs up to them. "You two are actually engaged?!" Daniel looks at him confused. "You didn't know that?" Jonah also looks confused. "I heard you say it over the phone but I didn't think it was true." "Well now you know." Jonah looks deep into Aspens eyes. "You hurt him and I hurt you." Aspen grins. "Why are you grinning?" Jonah suspisually says. "When I said I only message my brother, I'm lying. I have a husband." Daniel drops to the floor crying. "Aspen, I loved you!" Aspen walks to the door. "You can love someone else. Btw, take the ring back." She throws the ring to Daniel. "Now I hate being alive." All of the boys walk over to him and hug him. Zach says, "You'll be okay bro." All the boys nod. Daniel smiles and says, "I'm glad I have you guys." Corbyn joins in. "Aren't we all?" They all say, "Yeah." Jack just randomly asks, "Does anyone want to know what my hair taste like." The boys look at him confused. "Why did you ask that?" says Zach. Jack responds with, "I don't know. I'm just a weird person." Jonah says laughing, "Don't we all know?" Daniel says, "every single limelight knows...maybe even everybody on earth." "You guys are rude." Jack grumply says. "Haha look who's grumpy." Daniel teases. "Shut up mellon boy." Daniel gasps at the name he was just called. "Excuse you?!" Zach says, "You better run boy!" Jack sprints out of the house and Daniel chases him. "Come back here noodles!" Jack and Daniel run around for a while. Jack stops at the edge of the cliff. "I will jump." Daniel screams, "NO JACK! I'm sorry. Please don't do it!" Jack walks over to Daniel. "Yeah Jack?" Jack just walks away. "Oh?" says Daniel very confused. Aspen walks over to Daniel. "What do you want bitch?" Aspen walks off. "What is happening to my life?" Jonah walks over to him and gives him the look. "What did I do?" Jonah replies with, "You know exactly what you did." Daniel looks so confused. "I actually don't know what I did." "Jack almost commited suicide because of you!" Daniel stays quiet. "Think about what you did Daniel. Everyone is upset with you." Daniel walks to the cliff and jumps. Jonah screams, "DANIEL NO! WHY DANIEL?! WE NEED YOU! PEOPLE WILL MISS YOU!" Jonah drops to the ground crying. "W-what have I done..." The other boys come running over. Corbyn asks nervously, "What happened? Where's Daniel?" Jonah points at the cliff. "Did he jump?!" Jonah nods. All the boys stay quiet. Zach ask's, "Who's fault was it?" Jonah answers with, "Mine. I made him feel horrible about making Jack almost commit suicide." Jack says, "Why'd you tell him that? I wasn't actually gonna do it." Jonah says very quiet. "I really messed up. Why don't I also commit suicide." All the boys yell, "NO!" "Why shouldn't I? I'm no good for this world." Corbyn says, "You are good for this world. VERY GOOD!" "I JUST MADE MY FRIEND COMMIT SUICIDE! HOW IS THAT GOOD FOR THIS WORLD?! I FEEL LIKE A MURDER!" Jack hugs him. "Things will be okay. Even though we've had a rough year, things will get better. I promise you." Jonah calms down the crying. "Will things actually get better?" Jack responds, "ye-DANIEL!" The boys all say, "What?!" Daniel walks over. "You guys thought I was dead. I jumped knowing that there was water at the bottom." Jonah says while breathing heavy, "You made me think that I made you jump for talking about how Jack was "gonna" do it." Jack just says, "Whoops." Jonah says, "Yeah whoops." "Well I didn't know that you guys would take me seriously." Daniel comes in and says, "Well I did." "Sorry Dani." Jack says while his head is down. "It's okay Jack. I'm just glad that you didn't jump. We are a band who are meant to be together forever." Corbyn yells, "HELL YEAH." Zach asks, "Are you mentally okay Bean?" "No one is Zach." says Daniel. "Was I asking you?" Snapped Zach. "No you weren't but it is America." Zach stares at him and says, "the fact that it's America doesn't change anything at all." "well you're younger than all of us so you have no say." Daniel says while smirking. Zach says very quickly and aggressive, "YOU DIDN'T JUST SAY THAT!" "Well I did say it." Zach looks at him for a minute or two and then says, "I hate you." Corbyn jumps right in with, "We are a band. We have made so many songs and albums together. Why would we hate each other?" "Have you seen what I have to deal with?! I'm the youngest and I get unfair rules. It would be better if things were fair because then we would all be kind of the same." Corbyn says, "I'll call the manager." "Really?" "Yeah". Corbyn calls him. 10 minutes later, their manager comes over. "We will change the way things are. Everything will soon be equal." Zach smiles and says, "Thank you so much Corbyn. I'm sorry Daniel for saying I hate you." Daniel replies, "It's okay Zach. Everyone has their hard times and that includes us." Zach sighs and says, "I understand now. I'm really sorry. I always mess up." Daniel pats his back and says, "Not always. You are a kind and funny person. You are one of us. A part of Why Don't We. You make our mashups and songs way better. Without you, we wouldn't be a band. You are part of our team. We love you here. Jachary wouldn't be a thing. Zonah wouldn't be either. We wouldn't be the band we are now. You are welcome here." Zach smiles. "I've never heard that much good stuff about me." "Well you now did. Btw, Zach, you're my best friend." Zach gasps in happiness. "Did you just put the b before the f?" Daniel smiles and says, "Yes. Yes I did." Zach hugs him wicked tight. Jack yells, "DANIEL STOLE MY MAN!" "Yeah I did." Jack jumps onto Daniel and they both start rolling around on the ground while on each other. They start to die of laughter. Eben comes over. "Are you two okay?" Jack answerers with, "Never have been and never will be." Eben laughs and says, "Alrighty then." They all say, "What's up Team Vote. We're Why Don't We and this is a compliment battle, yeah." Eben seems so surprised. "You guys still have that down?" "Yeah." Daniel replies back. "That is amazing." says Eben. "We know. We know." the sassy Corbyn says. "What's with the sass Bean?" Jonah questions. "I'm just being me." Daniel just starts to clap and Jack, Zach and Jonah join in. Corbyn questions, "Why are you guys clapping?" "We don't even know. Ask Daniel." says Jonah. Daniel quickly says, "I don't know either." Corbyn just says, "Welp." "Yes welp." says Eben. "What was that for?" Eben thinks for a moment. "I actually don't know." "Does anyone know anything?" questions Zach. "Of course not. No one ever knows the exact thing about anything." Zach then asks, "Then what's my name?" Jack says loudy, "We've been beat!" "Yeah you have." Zach says very smartly. "Well I still love you Zachy." Daniel yells, "AWWWWWWWW! THE BOYS ARE IN LOVE. JACHARY CONFIRMED!" Everyone just starts laughing. Jack says, "Perfect comment about me and Jack." Corbyn says, "I know right? It made our day." Jonah says, "The thing that made my day was knowing that Daniel didn't commit suicide because of me. Btw Daniel, I love you." Daniel replies, "I love you too Jojo." Eben says, "You guys should really make more music." They all agree. "So what to do what to do?" asks Daniel. "Become a band again?" asks Eben. Corbyn says, "No. We broke up because something would've happened if we didn't. We didn't want anyone in danger." Eben states, "You guys should tell all your fans the truth of why you guys broke up." "We really should. People think we did it for no reason but we did it for everyone's safety." says Zach. Corbyn says, "We should go on the band account and say the truth." They all agree with him. They start a live. Daniel says, "Well we have the truth of why we broke up." So many fans comment, "Why?" Corbyn starts to talk. He says, "Well we were told that if we stayed a band, so many people would be in danger. We also didn't want anyone hurt....so we broke up. We are so sorry. We will still make music if we can do it without anyone being in danger. We did this to save you guys and us." So many fans were saying sorry for being mean and everything wrong they did to the boys. "Don't be sorry guys. You didn't know the real story because we never told you. Eben told us to tell you not that long ago so you guys wouldn't think we just up and left." says Zach. Jack says loudly, "Jachary is still a thing!" All the comments say yay. Jack also says, "Oh btw, Aspen used Daniel as a boyfriend just to hurt him. She had a boyfriend the whole time. She told Daniel after lying to us and then threw the ring back at him." Every single fan gets mad. They all go to Aspens Instagram and spams her dms and pictures of her and Daniel. Aspen says to herself, "How did they know about this? The boys aren't even band anymore." She just keeps on questioning it.Jack says to the boys, "Well Logan likes someone and we know her." Daniel gasps. "Did they break up?!" "Yep. Logan sent me the screenshots. She said it was you but he blamed it all on her because you're his best friend or should I say one of them." Jonah asks, "So us 5 are his best friends?" Jack replies, "I guess so. He has a lot of best friend but we are his top 5." Corbyn says, "Well at least someone still likes us." Daniel's like, "True very true. At least we have our fans back. It makes life easier. People still like us because we told them the truth. They understand what happened. We just need to find out who said that to us and then we'll get back together." Jack answers with, "But how would we know? The text was from an unknown number." "How would I know? We could ask Logan if he has any ideas of who it is." "WAIT!" says Jack. "What popped into your mind?" Zach asks. "What if Aspen was the one who did this? She did it just so once we broke up, she could start a whole drama thing while thinking that the limelights wouldn't ever find out. She was very wrong. Idk how someone could be so wrong." explains Jack. "We just have to go and find her. Daniel, you do the talking." "Why me?!" Corbyn says, "She used you. She did this just to use you. She will only talk to you. If she doesn't talk to you about it, we get Logan to. Understand?" "Yes I do. Now where do we go to find her?" Everyone just thinks. "Couldn't we just look at her phone location and see if she's where the phone is or if she left the phone somewhere random" questions Jonah. Daniel replies with, "We actually could do that. We go to where here phone is and if she's there, we have her. If she's not, we will figure out what to do if that even happens. We should probably phone Logan and have him come with us...just in case she doesn't answer to me, then we'll have a back up." Jack yells, "PERFECT IDEA!" Daniel calls Logan. "Why did you call me Daniel?" "We need your help with something." "Which is what?" "We need you to come with us when we go and find Aspen to ask her if she was the one who made our band break up. If she doesn't answer to Daniel, She might answer to you." "That is a good idea and I know where she is. I'll meet you at the park." "Okay. Sounds good. See you round." "Okay. Bye." "Bye." Daniel hangs up. Jonah asks, "So what did he say?" Daniel responds, "Well he will help us and he's gonna take us to her because he knows where she is." "How does he know?" asks Jonah. "He's dated her longer and he's known her longer than anyone has. They've been friends since they were kids." Jonah says, "Since when?" "Since forever." Daniel starts running around randomly. Corbyn whispers to Jack, "He still loves Aspen." "Wait what?!" Jack asks surprised. "You didn't know that? He always have loved Aspen." Corbyn says weirdly. "Are you okay Corbyn?" asks Jack. Corbyn sighs. "I just don't want him hurt again. It hurts me to see him hurt." Jack says, "True just true." Corbyn says, "But I do want him to be happy. Idk what to do about this. Should I let him date her and get hurt or should I let him be sad because he can't date her?" Logan responds with, "Let him give her another chance. I want them to be happy. I broke up with her for Daniel. She doesn't know that yet. Please tell her I did it to make her happy." Corbyn doesn't speak for a while. Jack asks him, "Are you okay?" "Yeah. I just want Daniel to be happy." Corbyn says nervously. Jack adds to the conversation with, "We should just tell Daniel about this and see if things go good or bad." All the boys say, "true." They all walk over to Daniel. When Daniel see's them, he says, "What's up guys?" Logan says, "You should ask out Aspen. I broke up with her because I knew she made you very happy. You're welcome bro." Daniel just smiles. "This means the world to me. Thank you so much Logan." "No problem. Now I got to go. Bye guys." All the boys say bye as he walks off. Corbyn says, "What now?" Jack just shrugs his shoulders. Corbyn says, "Nice response." Jack nods. "Are you even gonna talk?" Corbyn asks. Jack just walks off. "Okay?" Corbyn says weirdly. Jonah walks over. "What's wrong with Jack?" Corbyn shrugs his shoulders. Jonah just says, "Welp." Corbyn thinks in his head, "What has gotten into these guys? Are they hiding something from me?" Corbyn gets lost in thought. Daniel starts poking him. "Corbyn? Are you okay?" Corbyn opens his eyes to realize he's been passed out. "Huh? What? How'd I get here?" Daniel replies, "You passed out so Jack carried you to your room." Corbyn thinks for a second. "Uh Daniel?" "Yes Corbyn?" Corbyn doesn't speak. Daniel says, "Is something wrong Corbyn?" Corbyn gulps. "While I was passed out, I had this dream of Jack and Jonah acting weird...the weird like they were hiding something from me." Daniel starts shaking. "Um Corbyn. That wasn't a dream. It happened before you passed out." Corbyn just stands there with no words. "So they are hiding something from me?" Daniel sighs. "Basically. At least you now know the truth. Just don't say anything about the fact that you know. They will kill me and I mean kill me." Corbyn says, "But that's murder and they'll go to jail." "I know. They would blame you though." Corbyn kind of yells, "WHY ME?!" Daniel grabs his mouth. "You can't yell Corbyn. They'll find out easy." Corbyn whispers, "Oh." Jack walks in. "So what was that yelling about?" Corbyn goes to speak but Daniel stops him. "We were just doing the penis game." Says Daniel nervously. "Why you so nervous?" asks Jack. Daniel just stays quiet. He whispers to Corbyn, "Run Corbyn. Make it out alive. Don't worry bout me." Corbyn nods. He starts to slowly walk and then he sprints. Jack says to Daniel, "So...It's just me and you now." Daniel starts to stutter on his words. "Y-y-y-yes." Jack snaps his neck and then he falls to ground dead. Zach walks in. "WHAT HAPPENED TO DANIEL?!" Jack runs by him and says, "I killed him." Jack sprints out of room. Jack runs back in and kills Zach. Corbyn walks in and gets killed by him. Jonah walks in and kills Jack. Corbyn jumps awake from his dream to see all the boys alive. Jack asks, "Are you okay?" Corbyn looks around not knowing what happened. "I don't know. I remember you guys killing each other and me but Jonah was the only one alive." Jack sits next to him. "You were in a coma buddy." Corbyn looks at him confused. "How? How long did it happen for?" Zach comes over, "I'm 21 now." Corbyn says, "Okay then. I was out for a while." Daniel pops in and says, "We haven't made any music because you were in a coma. The fans know. They've messaged you." "I'll go check that now." Corbyn says. He takes out his phone to see so many messages (one message is from the writer of this story.) "Oh my. Our fans really do care about us." Corbyn says surprised. "Yeah. When we say something happened or that we won't do this, they understand. They don't attack us with hate. They attack us with love." Corbyn questions, "But do all of them really attack with love?" Daniel says, "Oh shit. You're right. When you got surgery, people were saying that you should've died. They did the same to me. They said it to other limelights but they went all at them mad. They wanted to attack them." Corbyn stands up and says, "Some care. Some will attack other limelights if they hate us. Some will hate. Some don't like some of our songs which is alright. Some wish we were dead. Some want us gone. We are 5 brothers. We've made it this far and we can't give up now. We use our strength, happiness, fans, love and courage to get through the hate. We don't care what others say because we have people who will help us. We are no boy band. We are a man band!" Eben says, "That is the truest thing I've ever heard." "Exactly." replies Daniel. Zach says very strongly, "We should go back on tour. Tell the same thing at each concert. Say that we don't care about the hate we get and that we only care about the love and support we get. If anyone has hate, message us or say it to our face." Jack yells, "Zach is saying true facts for once!" Everyone laughs. "Shut up noodles." says Zach. Jack hugs him. Daniel says, "AWWWWWW JACHARY CONFIRMED!" Jack and Zach laugh. Zach smirks and kisses Jack and runs. Jack stands there confused. "Does he know I have a girlfriend?" Daniel replies, "Yeah. He very well knows. He just wants you." Jack says, "But why? He knows I'm not gay. I only fake it." Gabbie walks over. "H-hi babe." says Jack. Gabbie says to him, "Don't be nervous. I know that you aren't dating Zach. You guys just have a ship that you and your fans made up. By the way, why did Zach kiss you?" Jack answers with, "He apparently wants me for himself. He loves me?" Jack looks at Daniel who says, "Yes he loves you. He's very jealous that you have a girlfriend. Yes he's bisexual." Jack looks so confused. "Why me? Jonah is so much sexier." Jonah says, "Oh why thank you." "Not now Jonah" says Daniel. Gabbie walks off. Many days pass and Gabbie was not to be found. Jack says to Daniel, "What happened to Gabbie? She's been missing for a while." Daniel takes a deep breath. "I think Zach did something to her." Jack starts to cry. Daniel hugs him to make him feel better. "Don't worry. She'll come back. She'll be okay." Someone says, "Yes. I'm here." Jack turns around to see Gabbie. He sprints to her and hugs her. Jack kisses her so much. "What happened to you baby?" Gabbie looks down. "Zach kidnapped me and forced me into sex. I said no but he beat me...." Jack says worried, "Are you okay?" Gabbie leans into his chest and cries. "No. Not at all. I got raped. By someone I thought was trustworthy." Jack hugs her wicked tight. "We'll make it so Zach isn't in the band anymore." Gabbie says while crying, "Thank you baby. I don't know what I'd do without you. Can you or someone call the police? This needs to be reported." Jack says to Daniel, "Call the police while I keep her safe and comfortable." "Will do." says Daniel. He takes out his phone and calls 911 and explains everything. The police arrive within seconds. One of them says, "Who did this happen to?" Gabbie says, "Me sir. I got kidnapped by Zach Herron. He asked me for sex. I said no so he beat me. Beat me so much that I couldn't move. Then he raped me. Wouldn't let me go. I'm back now but I don't feel safe unless I'm with Jack." "Who is Jack?" asks another police officer. "My boyfriend, sir. He's been trying to find me for a while. I made my way back here. In pain." "So where does this Zach person live?" asks another cop. "I didn't see the address of the place I was at but I know that he lives here most of the time." A cop asks, "Now how do you know that?" Gabbie replies, "He's part of a band. Jonah, Jack, Corbyn, Daniel and Zach aka Why Don't we. They were gonna get Zach kicked out of the band because of what he's done." The cop nods his head. "We'll find him." he says. Jack says, "Thank you so much." "No problem." the cop replies. The police leave and go to find Zach. Jonah says, "Who ever thought that the youngest one does this?" Jack sighs and says, "No one". "Um Jack?" "Yes Daniel?" "Wasn't Zach your best friend?" Daniel asks nervously. Jack answers with, "Yeah. Why?" Daniel says back, "He was just using you. That's it." Jack just sits there silent. "But why would a band member do this to us?" "We'll never know, Jack." says Jonah. "Will you really?' says Zach. "That wasn't me who did that. I was kidnapped. Framed." Jack hugs Zach. "THANK GOD IT WASN'T YOU!" The boys have a good time after that until the person who framed Zach came over. Zach runs. "What you gonna do Zachary?" Zach yells back, "Who even are you?!" They respond with, "You'll find out one day. You better be scared." Jack, Corbyn, Jonah, Daniel, Eben, Logan, Gabbie, Aspen, Kay and Tate walk over. Zach says, "Oh really? Who should be scared now."
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