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A poem about the lips of a woman
Your Lips

Your lips, so lusciously plum
Rosy red lipsticks, yum yum
So Appetizing, so delicious
Ripe to be eaten, very nutritious

Your lips, an erogenous zone
Whispering erotic moans
A meal to savor, slowly nibble
Erupted juices begins to dribble

Your lips, Voluptuous desire
Gently caressing, ignites a fire
Taste of your juices, stimulating
Core of my being, pulsating

Your lips, arose my fantasies
Journey on sexual galaxies
Taking you on a magical ride
Waves of pleasure, tide after tide

Your lips, blows my mind
The taste of our juices entwined
Yearn the taste, of your treasure
Triggering, uncontrolled pleasure

Your lips, satisfies my being
Most luscious lips, yet to be seen
To be with you, moments in bliss
Heavenly feeling to taste your kiss{/b}
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