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Rated: E · Other · Comedy · #2182860
A mother finds herself stuck in a tree trunk and must rely on her daughter to get free.
36 year old Daisy Adams was out driving with her 16 year old daughter, Victoria when she spotted a place for the two to have their picnic. She stopped the car and the two then sat down on the grass and enjoyed their picnic. After the two had finished,Daisy was walking around on her phone when she suddenly tripped over a rock and watched in horror as her phone flew out of her hands and into a nearby tree trunk.

Daisy then tried to reach her phone with her arm but she just couldn't reach it. Seeing the situation, Victoria went over and asked,"mum, what are you doing?"
" My phone is in that tree trunk and I can't reach it", replied Daisy.
"Do you want me to climb inside to get it for you?", asked Victoria.
"No,I'll do it", replied Daisy,"I want don't risk you getting stuck in there.", replied Daisy as she then stuck her head inside the tree trunk and climbed in,it was a bit of a tight squeeze but soon Daisy's entire top half was soon inside and she then called out,"I have my phone",I'll be out in a second", said Daisy as she then tried to back out of the tree trunk only to discover that she couldn't. "Mum","are you all right", asked Victoria.
"Yes", replied Daisy,"it just a bit tighter than I thought" as she placed her hands against the hole and pushed but still she didn't move. Now concerned, Victoria asked,"Mum","are you stuck?"
"No","of course","I'm not stuck", replied Daisy,"It's just going to a bit more time and effort to get free" as she then placed her hands against the tree trunk, her foot against the tree and pushed and pushed with all her might but no matter how hard she tried,Daisy didn't budge, she was stuck. Now realising her situation,Daisy then told her daughter, "Victoria","I think I'm stuck","can you please try to pull me out?"

"Of course" replied Victoria as she grabbed on to her mother's hips and pulled while Daisy pushed. The two pulled and pushed but still the tree trunk refused to let go of Daisy. Letting go of her mother"s hips, Victoria said, "It's no use Mum", "I can't budge you on my own","you're really stuck in there tight". Hearing her daughter,Daisy then replied"I think you're right", do you have your phone with you because mine's getting no reception."
"No,"It's at home on my bed", Replied Victoria who then told her mother,"listen,I go to get help","I'll be as quick as possible" as she then ran off.

"I can't believe it", "stuck in a tree trunk", "could this day get any embarrassing?", Said Daisy. Just then it did as a stray dog happened to be walking passed and seeing Daisy's situation, grabbed the seat of her dress in its teeth and pulled. Feeling the sudden tugging,Daisy then began wiggling her rear end while saying "let go of my dress", "you naughty dog", "this is my favourite one" but still the dog continued to pull until a RIP sound was heard and Daisy realised that the dog had pulled off the seat of her dress exposing her bubble butt which was barely covered by red panties for all to see. The dog then ran off leaving Daisy still stuck and now with a massive hole in her dress.

10 minutes later help finally arrived when Victoria returned with her dad and Daisy's husband,Tim,two of Daisy's friends, Stacey and Gina and her friend, Emily. After Daisy explained the situation to everyone, a chain was formed with Tim Pulling Daisy's hips, Stacey pulling Tim"s waist,Gina pulled Stacey, Victoria pulled Gina and Emily pulling Victoria.
"Heave" shouted Tim as everyone pulled and pulled on Daisy
"OW", replied Daisy, who didn't move.
"Heave" shouted Tim again as everyone pulled even harder
Daisy didn't budge and yelped,"OW" once again."
"Come on everyone", "put your backs into it", "heave" shouted Tim as everyone pulled and pulled with all their strength while Daisy then tried pushing again. The tug of war continued until finally POP Daisy was finally pulled from the tree trunk and everyone flew backwards and landed in a heap on the grass.

"Thank goodness for that", Said Daisy happy to finally be unstuck. Thanks for your help,Daisy then told everyone, "no problem"replied Victoria as everyone then back up the picnic items and went home together to relax after all their hard work.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2182860