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by Balty
Rated: E · Short Story · Religious · #2182868
Simon had been a seasoned fishermen, so why would he follow a carpenter's command to fish?
Andrew excitedly told his older brother what happened the day before. However, he didn't expect Simon’s reaction.

"Not again," Simon said. "First it was Abner, then Ephrain the Rebel. After that was John. Now, you’re saying you found the real Messiah? What happened to the baptist?"

"John himself pointed to the man."

"Why?" Simon said. "Did he have cold feet?"

"John was never afraid."

"If you say so."

Andrew knew that Simon would always say this to end a discussion. But he had so much to tell that he felt he’d burst if he didn’t speak.

“Simon, we went to his….”

"What's his name?"

"Jesus," Andrew said.

"From where?"


Andrew saw Simon’s face reddened.

"Nazareth? Where thieves and liars come from? Andrew, wise up!"

But Andrew would not be stopped.

"We went to his house and stayed there for a while.”

"And what did you see?"

Perhaps, Andrew thought, telling his bull-headed brother was a mistake.

"Tools," he whispered.

"What kind of tools?"

Andrew swallowed hard before answering. "Carpentry tools."

Andrew covered his head as he saw Simon raise his right hand. He gave a sigh of relief when Simon dropped his hand.

"You mean this Jesus is just a carpenter?" Simon spoke in measured words.

"He's not just a carpenter," Andrew said. "You should see the miracle...."

Simon waved Andrew away. "A rebel leader. Yes, that I can understand. But a carpenter? From Nazareth?"

He headed towards the door. "Get the nets. The sons of Zebedee are waiting."

Andrew did as he was told. He went out of the house and saw the sky being dominated by orange and purple clouds, with the sun setting. In a few moments it would be dark.

It was time to work.

- 0 - 0 -

The sun was beating on Simon when the fleet returned to shore. After twelve hours in the sea they caught nothing.

Simon was more confused than frustrated. Never in ten years did he come home empty-handed.

He saw a crowd on the shore.

"That's Jesus," Andrew said, pointing to the man in the center.

Simon shook his head. "How can he fool so many?"

The crew got off the boat once they reached the shore. Simon and Andrew inspected the nets to see if they needed mending.

Simon heard a commotion. He turned around and saw Jesus climbing up his boat, assisted by Andrew. He stomped towards the carpenter, but Andrew blocked him, eyes pleading.

Not wanting to make a scandal Simon let Jesus stay on the boat and returned to his nets. He ignored Jesus as the latter preached to the crowd.

"Let's go into deeper water," Simon heard Jesus.

Stunned, Simon just nodded. Andrew called two men to come aboard, then they set sail.

"Stop here," Jesus said. They had not gone far from shore. "Let down your net."

Simon finally got his bearings. Breathing heavily, fists clenched, he mustered all his will power to stay composed.

"Master," he said, controlling his voice, but making sure that his sarcasm won't get unnoticed. "We've worked hard all night and did not catch anything."

Jesus just stood there.

Simon saw his crew holding a net, ready to cast it to the sea. Simon's shoulders drooped.

"But if you say so, I will let down the net."

Simon signaled his crew. He was already thinking the harsh words he’d say to Jesus and Andrew once they haul an empty net.

The boat listed instantly, and Simon was nearly thrown overboard. He went to the net and saw fish jumping out of the water. He ordered his men to haul the net, but it was too heavy.

Water gushed into the boat. Simon saw a couple of plates, took one and gave the other to Andrew. Using the plates, the brothers bailed water out, but the volume coming in was greater than what they removed.

Simon heard Andrew call the other boats on the shore. He wondered who was helping him now.

Simon remembered Jesus. In his excitement he forgot his passenger. He looked at the bow but did not see him. Fearing that Jesus might have fallen off, he rushed towards the front. He saw him scooping the water with the plate of Andrew.

A boat stopped near them. John and James took hold of the other end of the net and pulled it up. There were so many fish that even the new arrival began to sink. Simon felt the net was about to break.

"Let's go to the shore," he shouted to James.

He gave his plate to Andrew then lowered his sail. It flapped hard, and both boats started to move. Simon scrambled to raise the anchor and began to steer.

As they neared the shore, men jumped out and guided the boats. Simon heard a crunch as they landed on the shore.

Simon knew he witnessed a miracle. He rushed to Jesus, and, unashamedly, knelt before him.

"Go away, Lord, for I am a sinful man."

He felt the hands of Jesus on his head.

"Do not be afraid," Jesus said. "From now on, you will be catching men."

Simon heard the shuffling of feet and knew that Jesus was getting off the boat. He stood up, jumped out, and ran after Jesus.

Andrew saw his brother. "Take care of the catch," he said to one of the crew.

He got out, then saw James and John still in the other boat.

"Come," he said to them.

Without looking at their catch, the brothers jumped out, and the three of them sprinted towards Simon and Jesus.

The Start

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