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by K.HBey
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Andrew should face a harsh situation because of being timorous.Humanity needs his work.
Andrew is the cadet of four siblings. His family was a conservative protestant .
His father Conrad Joseph Smith was the great Pasteur of Adams county at Mississippi. He had an Irish origin.

Her mother Caroline Kerley was a metis. She was from New Jersey. When first his parents got married they went to Louisiana. There at the country they had a wonderful great house and a farm. It was painted in white and the entire Louisiana faithful population used to come there for the Sunday prayer at the chapel close to the Pasteur house. His father used to preach there. He was loved by all.

Then his father got a great position as Pasteur of the great Michigan church. But after the death of his mother; Pasteur Conrad Smith Joseph decided to go back to Louisiana where his wife Caroline Kerley is buried beside the chapel next to their house. Later the Pasteur was buried there too beside his wife with whom he fell in love.

His grand brother George died from hemophilia at the age of fifteen. George resembled a lot his mother. He was a sweet brown boy with green eyes. He was a happy boy and very affectionate . He possessed what Andrew lacks. He was proud. He got enough self confidence.
Young he started to write meditating poems yet. He was never afraid and always ready to face a danger. He was entirely aware about his heavy disease and assumed it in full responsibility yet.

Her two sisters Isabella and Kate followed their father and went back to the country after the death of their mother. Now both are married and have children.

Andrew is the fully image of his father. He is blond with blue eyes and blond hair. He followed academic studies at the chemistry high kingdom school in Michigan . Later he becomes a chemist and now he is teaching and still following researches in chemistry high kingdom school in Michigan .
Andrew was a spoiled boy. His parents lost tragically George who had hemophilia and found in him another son.
Andrew was eight years when his brother died.

Today Andrew's muse is nostalgic. Over there from his home window in Michigan his eyes are caught by a great white house of his neighbors. Suddenly his spirit and like a machine releases all the harsh memories. His cheeks become reddish. His blue eyes get engorged by blood. As tears flood his eyes which become like a turbulent ocean. He has sweat on his entire corps and becomes wet.
Indeed till now he bears a great culpability towards the death of his brother.

Such day before his brother's death he went with him in a walk in the forest. Their dog Cupid was lost. It was some how late and the sun set would be settled in one hour.It was a bit dark. He was afraid and hesitating to go at the research of the dog. He was well aware that it was forbidden for George to run especially in a place full of obstacles. He could fall at any moment. Even though he let his brother go running in order to search for the dog. He fell and had got a heavy hemorrhage which costed him his life. Andrew still preserves a great pain and gets a melancholic glance that everyone notices.

Later, Andrew was asked for being at the rank of his country army to fight against the Nazism of Hitler during the second world war when he was just a student at the chemistry school. At this epoch he studied for three years and possessed a strong base in chemistry. He was both gifted and excellent.
He contributed a lot with his chemistry knowledge in the health care of the soldiers.

At the army he met many international soldiers . His best friend was Jimmy. Jimmy was a French. He was a great man who was always ready to go forward.
One day he was been assigned to the artillery mission with his friend Jimmy. He was very afraid and hesitant and lost the control of the artillery even though the advice of Jimmy. Jimmy was ready to lead such mission but Andrew refused. Finally he fell in such mission and Jimmy died close to him when his shoot was delayed and missed the target.

Andrew lost self confidence and got a great depression. For him the death of his friend constitutes the second loss.
After two years of antidepressants therapy intake; he returned to the city and continued his chemistry studies. War lasts to be finished and diseases have invaded the great European capitals. Andrew has innovated two vaccines, one against pest and the other against diphtheria. The animal essays have been successful. The clinical essays have been stopped because of the war. The army has asked for vaccine and government has ordered the great researches academic schools to innovate vaccines otherwise pest and diphtheria would invade the entire world. Andrew has refused to release the formulas because he is afraid that his products would meet failure. He has always been a timorous guy.

Andrew was in love with Emerald. She was a chemist too and studied at the same school. Emerald is slander, brown with hazel eyes. She is smart too. She was born and lived during years in Hawaii. Her parents came to Michigan when an ancient volcano erupted.. She has found in him love, affection and tenderness. Most often she meets him and finds a warm shelter in him especially that her father was an alcoholic and neglected his family tasks since years. She studied with him and could assimilate all because he has always been clever to summarize chemistry courses for her. Indeed it is an easy game for him.

Emerald loves him a lot and is aware about his great flaw. He is timorous. She uses everything to help him to fight against such flaw but in vain. She finds it harsh especially that he does not want to talk about it.
One day she came and told him this: "Andrew I love you and I cannot find a lovely warm and smart man like you. You fill my life. I do not want to loose you my lovely. My dear friend, until when you will remain like this? Don't you see that being timorous handicaps you? You are threatened to loose your career too. Government is now against you because you do not want to release vaccine formulas. Listen you can gain all by revealing your formulas; like saving people,a brilliant career and money. Do not think about failure in advance because you will never succeed.You should try it because you have many chances to succeed.Otherwise you will feel remorse during your entire life not because of the failure but because of not daring to succeed . You are responsible for doing your best and your duties . Humanity needs you."
" Andrew I need a great gentleman who possesses a full self confidence in himself. You have to choose which kind of man you want to be now or never."
Emerald leaves Michigan and goes to Hawaii where she intends to work.

Andrew gets tears on his eyes and for the first time in his life he realizes the meaning of such words. He is not proud of himself and puts in question his actual success. He could not sleep the entire night and remembers the death of both his brother George and best friend Jimmy. He realizes that because of being timorous he lost people who he loves and will lose Emerald too. He goes to the academy and releases the formulas of his both vaccines and government establishes a patent for manufacturing and marketing the vaccines. Many people have been vaccinated and after six months both pest and diphtheria decrease across Europe and around the world.

Andrew goes to Hawaii to meet Emerald. She finds herself in front of a great gentleman proud of himself,fully confident in himself and a charming man. He tells her: " I love you and want to live with you. Would you?". Emerald is completely amazed and agrees in full spontaneity. Then they get married.
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