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Weekly winner of SCREAMS!!! Two teens are put in charge of feeding the beast...
“Dave, I told you we should have fed the thing.” Amelia studied me with hard, dark eyes. I couldn’t argue. Damn her for being right.

It gaped at us, drool pooled on the floor beside its flabby knees. I cringed at the sheer ugliness of the creature.

How long could the beast live without sustenance? Why did grandfather want it, anyway? The adults talked a lot lately, in hushed groups. Kids like Amelia and I weren’t privy to their conspiracies.

No matter their plans, it wouldn’t do to have the thing die when everyone wanted it so much. “Come on, let’s get it something to eat.”

“What should we give it?” Amelia snuck my hand into hers and pulled me out of the blood-colored room.

I grabbed my rifle by the front door and headed out, Amelia in tow. “Maybe we’ll catch enough for ourselves, too.”

We broke through the thick brush at the border of the property and into the dense woods beyond.

Amelia exaggerated a shiver. “What even is that thing?”

“I think it’s one of those creatures from the storybooks.”

She knew about the shelf of old books in the same room as the creature. This house must have belonged to its kind years ago. Before the “conquering.”

Soon, a small deer crept into view. I took aim from about fifty yards away and fired. The deer dropped.

“Don’t you think it’s too little?” Amelia wondered.

“Nah, it’ll be plenty.” We headed toward the fresh kill. Amelia helped me drag it to the back shed to prepare it.

We worked quickly, the frosty morning cold stung my fingers. I wished I’d worn gloves. I held a bloody finger up to Amelia and offered her a taste. Her eyes lit up as she sensually sucked all the delicious nectar from it.

Damn, she was beautiful. Her three eyes blinked at me, a sign of flirtation. She neared the mating age, and I eagerly anticipated the event. Her forked tongue continued its work on my finger. She was just showing off now.

“Come on, let's get this meat to the house.” I withdrew my finger and tried to will my sex organs to calm down. All three of them were aroused, causing immense discomfort.

I thought about the strange children from the storybooks. An anatomy book in the collection taught that Earth children only had one sex organ. Imagine being so inefficient!

I piled a stack of bloody meat on a plate and followed Amelia out. I hoped the child would eat it. I couldn’t handle another death. The last two put me on shaky ground with the others.

I tossed the food to the creature, daring not to get too close. I stifled a strong urge to strangle the life from the horrible thing, but I couldn’t do that again.

I knew Amelia wouldn't be so appalled by the wretched baby if she knew what I did.

Once you broke through their fleshy shell, they tasted like heaven.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2182926