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A story of love's growth and inevitable end.
As I close my eyes, my thoughts adrift;
I think of you and this massive rift.
Are we in love, more than friends?
Every day gets harder to pretend.

I really care; you know I do.
The last thing I want is to hurt you,
Let's be honest now, talk it out.
But please, let's not scream or shout.

We grew together and came so far,
But as time passed on we moved apart.
I dream of things you can't provide,
It's not your fault; you never lied.

You shared your past, without any shame:
You were honest, blunt - in a lot of pain.
I was broken, weak and needed love,
I saw a light, like a gift from above.

Now I'm happier, strong and wild;
I'm no longer meek, shy or mild.
I will not accept your bad behaviour,
As I did, thinking you were my saviour.

I love you dear, but as a friend,
I'm so sorry but this has to end.
It hurts me too, but I need more.
There's only so much I'll ignore.

Please be strong, make a change,
Your potential is huge in its range,
Just don't be lazy, or so cruel,
Stop acting like an utter fool.

Let's say goodbye but stay in touch,
If you even want that much.
I understand if you hate me now,
I'll accept the blame, somehow.

There's nothing more that I can say,
I never wanted us to be this way.
I'm sorry dear, you are a friend,
But this relationship has to end.
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