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A young woman gets a surprise when she finds another woman in a tight spot.
18 year old Tessa Taylor was just walking through the forrest when she spotted a rather strange sight. Going over to have a closer look,Tessa discovered that she had found a women's rear end sticking out of a cave.
Curious and confused,Tessa then poked the butt with a voice then saying,"who's there?",who poked my butt?"asked the stuck woman. Tessa then replied,"Sorry for poking you ,miss","I was just curious","are you stuck in there?"
"Yes,"I am",said the replied the stuck woman, "I was just walking along when I spotted this cave and decided to explore it but I got stuck,"could you please try to pull me out?"
"Of course","my name's Tessa by the way", replied Tessa as she grabbed on the woman's hips and pulled while the woman replied,"nice to meet you",Tessa" ,"my name's Jackie"as she placed her hands against the cave and pushed.
The two pulled and pushed but still Jackie didn't budge. "Wow you're really stuck in there" tight said Tessa as the two stopped trying.
"I know", replied Jackie "it's a bit embarrassing to be honest" Tessa then started to laugh as Jackie asked her "what are you laughing at?" "You", replied Tessa "you ridiculous sticking out of there" seeing the funny side, Jackie started to laugh as well before Tessa then decided to go get help after the two checked and realised neither of their phones got any reception.

25 minutes passed before finally Tessa returned with her boyfriend Josh, her friend Mia and her dog,Mindy and Jackie's friends,Amy and Lea. After some explaining by Jackie, a chain was then formed with Tessa pulling Jackie's hips,Josh pulling Tessa's waist,Mia pulling Josh,Amy pulling Mia,Lea pulling Amy and Jackie pushing.
"Heave shouted Tessa as everyone pulled and pushed
"OW", replied Jackie, remaining stuck.
"Heave", said Tessa again as everyone tried again
"OW", said Jackie still refusing to budge.
"Come on everyone put your backs into it", "heave" said Tessa as everyone pulled and pushed with all their strength while even Mia's dog tried to help by grabbing the hem of Tessa's skirt with her teeth and pulled. The tug of war continued until finally POP, Jackie was finally pulled from the cave and everyone flew backwards and landed in a heap on the ground. Thank goodness for that Said Jackie as she then got up and thanked everyone for their help but most of all Tessa, telling her,"I would still be stuck in there if you haven't stopped to help." "It's no problem" replied Tessa as everyone then got up and went off together to enjoy some lunch after all their hard work.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2182960