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One man's ludicrous obsession brought to life.

Just the sound of that clear latex balloon popping beneath Ruby's backside was enough to get Nick's blood pumping.

"Was that what you were after?"

Nick opened his eyes.

The scarcely dressed Ruby sat with her hose-covered legs outstretched in a provocative manner, clear rubber remnants peeking out from beneath her.

"Honey, that was perfect."

Her alluringly piercing green eyes stared up at him as they tried to hold back her steadily growing confusion.

She grabbed another out of the bag, sensuously drawing the flaccid, uninflated party balloon up between her breasts in an attempt to further sexualise his odd fetish.

"Do you have another twenty for me, darling?"

Silently, Nick tossed a handful of cash at her from atop his bedside perch, groping at his crotch as she put the bead of the clear party balloon to her lips and began to slowly breathe life into it.

"Blow that sucker. Keep blowing until you can't blow no more. Make it explode for me. Explode that son-of-a-bitch right in front of your dumb-whore face."

Sensing that something wasn't right, Ruby pondered whether to freak out and run or to continue, eventually she settled on staying focused on her current task as she needed the money.

Bigger and bigger it got, expanding to an incredible size before finally popping so loud that her eardrums felt as though they were about to burst.

The second that it had popped, Nick rushed her, slamming his large right hand hard against her mouth, almost breaking a few teeth before he squeezed her nostrils shut between his thumb and forefinger.

With all of her might, she tried to push him away, leading him to viciously clench her throat with his left, blocking off her airway with his vice-like grip as his right helped to plug up her orifices.

"Inflate me. Come on baby-doll, do to me what you did to that balloon. Why don't you try to make me explode?"

Breathless now, her limbs flailed about wildly in terrified frenzy.

Eyesight grew more and more blurry, the choking pain built to an excruciating level as she imagined her organs failing her with her sudden rush of adrenaline.

The awful, sweet smell of death lingered in the air.

All turned black in an instant, causing the poor woman to think that she had passed.

Just as swiftly, the light returned, blinding her at first.

A moment later her vision returned, she was stuck in the same predicament.

Her long tongue slipped curiously through her pursed lips, leading her to vigorously search his palm for something that she couldn't quite explain.

It didn't take her long to find what she was looking for, a wide open wound in his palm near where her lips were situated.

Not knowing what else to do, she inserted her tongue deep into his festering wound and tried to exhale into his palm as she had the balloon previously.

A satisfied Nick moaned as his hand started to slowly inflate, his strange wish now granted.

With each breath, Ruby huffed herself closer and closer to freedom.

She noticed that her former assailant's feet were now hovering just a few inches off of the ground, he was now lighter than air; she grasped his mighty wrist with both hands as she shakily worked her way to her feet, causing him to float into the air in front of her.

The top of his head now brushing against the ceiling as he continued to swell larger and larger.

Now almost five times his original size, Nick felt himself growing flush with the usual signs of impending orgasm.

One final excision of her breath was all that it took.


Thousands of Nick giblets flew all around the cheap hotel room.

Flesh, bone, muscle and sinew all stretched and torn beyond recognition, now lay scattered all over.

Walls, carpet, furniture, everything in the room was now showered in his remains.

The air smelt strongly of rich copper, not that Ruby noticed as she writhed in the gruesome, otherworldly abundance of near-inhuman viscera.

Her body lathered in obscene distended gory chunks of his body; her face completely coated in thick layers of his blood; her expensive clothes now stained, ruined by his gory debris.

Although she didn't care about any of that.

Ruby was content.

She finally understood Nick's balloon popping obsession.
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